@OptimusPrime I'm thinking of a non-profit, federated, self-hosted dating site.

I'm imagining each change to a user profile is an AP post. Like adding a picture, editing your profile text. Other users can boost your profile. It would be very much like Mastodon with one major difference being that you could create a swipable tinder-like frontend for it to swipe through all the profiles.

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@stemid @OptimusPrime

1. There are way too many dating sites now
2. Doing it on Fedi will remove any sort of anonymity
3. It will be hard to get users
4. Fedi people are not good quality for dating


1. Most are owned by the Match concern, and extort their users.
2. I was thinking you create a new profile for the dating site, not use your existing fedi-profile.
3. It's even harder if you don't try.
4. Fuck off.


Don't waste your time faggit. You are not that special

@verita84 Great, then my time isn't wasted since it's not special to begin with.

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