Side note: donate to your mods! Think of it as taking money out of Elon Musk’s dumb pockets.

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Among the chief benefits of Mastadon include:

-no Dilbert guy on here
-no Kevin Sorbo
-no Ben Shapiro

Best $0/month I’ve ever spent.

Det var ändå rätt häftigt att Biden besökte (besöker?) Kiev i smyg. Jag funderade om han skulle göra det exakt på årsdagen, eftersom han ska vara i Polen dagen innan, men han gjorde det i förväg i stället.

Medium article: "Coding won't exist in five years. This is why."

First paragraph: "once upon a time, in a world not too different from ours, handmade clothing was the norm."

Comrade. Friend. I really need to tell you that clothing is still hand made. We just exploit people in the global south to make tons of it cheaply.

Ideas Are Weapons: the Overton Window And Fascism
Propagandists use “conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses.” Why? Because it works.

Energifrågan handlar om **frihet** eller **kontroll**.

- Vem ska kontrollera värmen och elektriciteten i ditt hus?
- Vill du ge bort kontroll över ditt hem till Eon?
- Vill du minska dina möjligheter att påverka elpriset nästa gång det skjuter i höjden?

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Till alla vänner i miljörörelsen, budskapet är:


Med kärnkraft ökar du beroendet av elpriserna och ger bolagen ökad kontroll över din elektricitet. Med batterilagring, solenergi och vindkraftverk minskar du beroendet av elpriserna.

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Ultimately, it will prove impossible to beat Elon Musk by remaining on the platform he controls.

He and his goons control the most powerful aspects of the site. They can, and will, use it to empower authoritarianism, hate, misinformation and white supremacy.

They are just getting started. By continuing to operate within the framework they control, you will be at a disadvantage. More at FrameLab:

"Woke" has quickly become the new weapon word in the conservative culture wars. They use it describe most Democratic or progressive policy, especially anything related to diversity, equality or inclusion.

Yet many Democrats and progressives have also adopted word as a pejorative. Are we agreeing with conservatives when we use the word "woke"? Or do we have different ideas of what the word means?

Help us think about it!

@steveportigal I think it's important to examine woke because it seems like an example of Democrats/progressives widely adopting a conservative frame without understanding exactly why.

Ah, so now he wants you to produce free content for his dying, unstable platform, after threatening you, on a whim, to shut off your free access. I see.

In response, I will be discontinuing all my projects that rely on Twitter's API, and I advise you all to do the same, rather than let him decide their fate.

#twitter #TwitterAPI #TwitterBots

Här kan du lyssna på senaste poddavsnittet där jag kacklar om högerregeringens första månader:

Floppar regeringen? Granskning av regeringens tre första månader

Mastodon isnt just a life-raft, mastodon is how we win.

The next big thing is not corporate apps. Not corporate anything.

We arent running away from elon, we're replacing him.

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