Christmas rock n roll 

I solved advent of code day one (part 1) in rockstar

I'm now officially a rockstar developer!

The best thing I’ve learned this week is that when squirrels fall/jump - they land like superheroes!

Oh look, new album day. 🥳

This one consists of various tracks and sounds I’ve made since the beginning of the pandemic that are more electronic/synth-based than rock or metal.

#Music #MusicProduction #Bandcamp #BandcampFriday

@magnusjonasson Ja, men då borde ju alla kunna göra det för elstödet också, även om de inte har konto i storbanken de skulle samarbeta med. Men det kanske blir så, vi får väl se nån gång när det nu blir.

@magnusjonasson Det är väldigt konstigt eftersom FK uppenbarligen kan betala ut VAB och sjukersättning till alla möjliga banker.

Suggestion for improving accessibility for the HTML img tag:

<img src="image.png" alt="Alternate text for image" alt-right="Alternate reality for image"/>

Asdf gör utvecklarpodd i adventskalenderformat, och resultatet är en perfekt lucka poddmys på morgonen:

(Swedish podcast Asdf are releasing a podcast advent calendar - one short episode per day - and the first episode is perfect.)

Subtooting about programming 

People who are otherwise technical: "regex is hard let's go shopping".

I saw yet another such discussion, containing various memes, all based on the same tired idea that somehow regexes are too hard to understand.

I don't know if I'll lose followers by saying this, but seriously. Regexes are not hard, and if you don't know how to use them you're going to find yourself writing hundreds of lines of code to do the most trivial extraction of information from strings.

Seriously, even in the most simple form, if you want to get the number from a string of the form "some-words-here-1234XYZ" with some simple rules on what the "words" may be, without regex the code is going to be absolutely unreadable, and you'r going to find yourself with edge cases where your custom parser will give the wrong result.

But no, a 10 character regex to do the same thing is too complicated.

what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)

This! The author of this really sums up my general feeling of the state of modern software (#development). We build a lot of shit. We build things that don't work well, is slow and bloated, and the worst part is that everyone just seems to accept it.

🎧Kompilator 049 - Starta företag med Postman med Fredrik Björeman !

@bjoreman gästar podden och berättar för Bartek om sina öden och äventyr med att starta företag för sitt poddande. Ja, det finns folk som inte startar eget för att bli frilansande IT-konsult.

@stemid Yes, of course. But I'd prefer not to have several different accounts or logins just for that. And I don't see browsing the feed as the same thing as following people. If there are new people on that instance that writes something interesting, I wouldn't see it unless someone I already follow boosts it. I often go to the local feed and read messages without necessarily follow the person.

@remaster Nice! Unfortunately it seems to be IOS only. I'm currently using the normal Mastodon client on web/Linux and Android, so if someone knows about this feature on a client that runs on those I'd be interested.

Something I miss in Mastodon is to be able to get a stream from a different instance than the one my account is at, and without having to go through the full Federated stream. Some instances are focused on specific interests that may be difficult to find from only individual follows.

How often do you look at the federated feed? Please boost so I can get more answers

meta, moderation 

@krig I agree in principal, but there has to be people willing to sacrifice time and money to manage the instances too.

But maybe by closing registrations, it would force people to set up more instances too.

VPS services could make it a small add-on fee to easily set up and maintain an instance.


I have no interest in a Twitter replacement. Twitter was terrible long before EM. What I want is a way to connect with friends and people who share my interests, that isn’t owned by a corporation and isn’t actively trying to ruin my life for ”engagement”.

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