OMG!!! Look at it! This is the best thing I’ve ever made. So happy 😭

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There’s a @raspberry_pi 4 inside as well as a @pimoroni Servo 2040! The eye has a camera in it!

#robotics #steampunk #raspberrypi

Budapest public transport has a tram with see-through panels so people can peek into the mechanics of how the tram works. They even have signs explaining parts.

It's pretty fun. Every time I catch it I love to watch people marveling at it, kids and adults alike. 😄
#Budapest #PublicTransport #Hungary #trams

Hello to everyone who is showing up because of my Runge phenomenon video!

fq talk from FOSDEM is now available at 🥳 featuring jq crash course, weird mp4 xml subtitle format and lots of cli typos #jq #fq

wonder if I can get a poll with more then 825 people to vote.

If you quit your job in the past 2-3 years, pursue of better conditions, more free time, other country etc, do you regret doing it?

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This was originally written as a comment to a private message, but I'm OK with sharing it more widely.

He speaks to me his audience. And he knows his audience extremely well.

There is this myth of the small but extremely competent developers in the Apple ecosystem, making a living creating these beautiful applications that had been tuned to perfection over the years. The idea that the saviours of great software is now sweeping in on a landscape that has until now been a barren land of hunter gatherers, showing a glimpse of the promised land is an extremely alluring story to tell his audience.

I have to to admit, I'm actually impressed (and a bit jealous) of how well he's curated his content and the stories he tells. He's done it so well that many of his posts is nothing but a quote from some article and him just adding a single word. The reader fills in the rest themselves and nods in agreement.

It's actually quite brilliant.

Me? Well, here I am writing comments on the Fediverse that are longer than would fit in a standard Mastodon post, and sometimes I get a few boosts. If I get 5 I've gone viral. 😎

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Boost this if you ever had to manage naming your computer files using only eight characters, plus the three character extension.

I’m the spirit of sharing quality content, please enjoy my favorite meme of all time.

RT @xkcd
My mom sent me some papers that belonged to my grandfather, Darwin Randall Crum, which included a collection of “Disfrustrating Puzzles” he created

“We are so committed to stability, that we compile and test every single crate on and every single Rust repository on GitHub with a Cargo.lock file using the new version of Rust before releasing it.” 🤯😱👏🏻

By @Mara

ah, the greek god of programming  


När Polarforskningsrådet skulle uppföra den svenska basen Wasa behövde man ju ansöka om erforderliga medel. Ansökan fick bakläxa på en punkt: De hade inte angett den fastighet där byggnaden skulle uppföras. Invändningen att Antarktis aldrig delats upp i fastigheter föll för döva öron. Då skrev man helt enkelt ”Antarktis 1:1” i det avsedda fältet. Varefter ansökan omedelbart gick igenom och pengarna betalades ut.

I don't know much about US politics, but there is something hilarious about this thing.

🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon 2

Thank you, thank you, *thank you* for being more than 20K to follow my art here. It's fantastic.

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita #HumanArt

OK, language weirdness question.

Someone recently said:

"I just about caught the train."

Did they catch it or not? Perhaps it depends whether you think of English as (one of) your first language(s).

As always, if you're happy to do so I'd be grateful if you'd boost for reach, and to get beyond my circle of followers.

Thank you!

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