This is Maria Czechowska, my father's first wife. She remained in Warsaw during the German occupation but was caught working for the Polish resistance. She was taken to the Pawiak jail where her family managed to stop her immediate execution. However she was then taken to Auschwitz and murdered there on 10 January 1944. Prisoner number 69336. Remember her. #auschwitz

”Om vissa personer nekas tillgång till bibliotekens verksamhet, eller inte vågar ta del av den för att de är rädda för att bli anmälda, har Sverige inte längre en informations- och yttrandefrihet som omfattar alla, skriver biblioteksforskarna Lisa Engström, Lisa Olsson Dahlquist och Johanna Rivano Eckerdal.” #bibliotek #libraries #democracy

The site I write for, like almost every news site from the NYT on down includes a twitter button for sharing.

I'd like to see a mastodon button that anyone can put on their websites to replace the twitter button that is readily available

Äntligen ett positivt besked från Migrationsverket, även om samma beslut borde gälla alla asylsökande från Afghanistan!

Nu finns chansen att jobba på en av de garanterat roligaste platserna om man brinner för sociala medier. Svenska kyrkans nationella sociala medier har över 130 000 följare och en uppseendeväckande hög engagemangsfrekvens. Vi är en digital kyrka dit människor kommer för att umgås, tro och tvivla, söka gemenskap och få ta plats. Välkommen med din ansökan!

My team at work just launched new research on the #TwitterMigration: We analyze which platforms are growing - especially #Mastodon, #Tumblr & #Post.

We look at which sites users are adding to their Twitter bios, posting to their friends about & downloading apps for.

Please do boost this, and love to hear any comments or feedback on it!

Download it here:


For those that joined #Mastodon and grabbed the first server they could find but would prefer to #migrate to a different one, I created a short guide on how to do this quickly and easily.
It also allows you to easily move any followers across to your new profile and leaves a redirection on your old profile for those that find it. 😁👍

And be sure to check out the threaded replies for more tips. I will continue to add more. 👍🏼

7,726,112 accounts
+1,689 in the last hour
+49,961 in the last day
+369,512 in the last week

Joining Mastodon helped me with understanding boundaries.

We can't control each other. Or rather, we can try but it's often manipulative and tends to result in more pain than anything.

What we can do is be so fully in control of ourselves and our environment that we can make good choices to keep ourselves and our friends safe even when people treat us poorly.

A boundary is not "stop @'ing me or I'll fuck you up," it's "please remove me from these @" and if they don't then you block them.

BREAKING: Democrat and indigenous Alaskan Mary Peltola officially wins race for Alaska’s only House seat, defeating Pro-Trump Republican Sarah Palin.

Jag, liksom bröderna Salming, fick Kiruna AIF ”med oss i modersmjölken”. Det är just därför jag stödjer detta till 💯 procent. Allas lika värde och rätt är inget man ”tummar på”. Något att tänka på för de ”nationalister” som idag hyllar Börje, men som nyligen ansåg sådana som oss inte var ”riktiga svenskar”…

For environmental reasons, I will not be leaving coal in anyone's stocking this year.

Those on the naughty list will instead get a 1 month subscription to #Twitter Blue.

If you are interested in watching live views form #NASA's #Orion Spacecraft as it looks back at the Moon and heads out farther than any human rated spacecraft has ventured, here's the link for real time streaming - via #NASA #Artemis1

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: Encouraging kids to be who they are is suicide prevention.

What are the most useful Ukrainian charities we can donate to as the winter approaches?

#a11y friends, help a sister out... low contrast setting or dark mode setting? I'm dealing with a designer who seems to think that a "low contrast setting" (which just switches everything to black/white/grey and puts a grey layer of opacity over images) is the accessible option. I know it's not. But in terms of an actual DARK MODE, are there #WCAG guidelines for this? I can't seem to find what I need.... I like having darkmode available but low contrast doesn't seem a good way to go...

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