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Asta Kask 

Jag älskar den här låten. Den känns extra relevant idag.

"Och ilskan som jag bär
Just nu och här
Är för alla jävla dårar i vår värld"

my dad isn't even a boomer, he's the generation before boomers!

Detta är peak

En användare på en annan instans med 0 följare och 8 inlägg fick @georgetakei att säga "oh my" på fediverse.

I’m boldly going where I haven’t gone before, which is right here at this site. Apparently this is a “toot.” I would appreciate a follow!

Jag hade ju rekommenderat alla på instansen att byta sitt lösenord bara för att. Jag har 2fa så klart, och unika lösenord för denna sajten, men jag gör det ändå för det kostar inget.

En bra hacker hittade denna sårbarheten och anmälde den till Mastodon innan den släpptes fri, men man vet aldrig vem som kan ha vetat, och vad exakt den personen gjorde.

To those of you who can't read between the lines, this is an obviously false argument. They've most likely been approached by some very large org asking them for this feature and they decided to blame it on school children.

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I mean, I never used so, this goes without saying, but for all you who still haven't switched to a truly FLOSS , here you go.

At the recent Chrome Dev Summit the Chrome developers announced that they're going to give websites the ability to block your view of the source code. Because "schools are using Google Forms for testing, and the kids can see the right answers in the forms". 😂

This seems cool, for and people in oppressive regimes.

is a tool for that allows creation of multiple hidden volumes on a device in such a way that it is very difficult, even under inspection, to prove the existence of such volumes.

Some new music to start your day. This is for you @peter 🤖 🖤

(just a demo because I like doing #fediverse exclusive releases. Electribe, JU-06A, vocals, and NASA black hole sounds. Mixed by a friend as part of a uni course.)

#electroclash #musodon #synth

If you could pick one location from a game to live in, which would you pick?

I would pick Elwynn Forest (World of Warcraft).

At the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards, William Shatner provided one of the most unique covers of a pop song, certainly in a sci-fi convention, but maybe at any convention, or anywhere.

Over the years, Shatner has weirdly denied it happened, but it did, and Flemishdog found a U-MATIC videotape with an unaltered, high-quality version of Shatner's "Rocket Man". And here it is.

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