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Apparently the first edition of Unix was released November 3, 1971. I can't believe I missed the 50th anniversary by a day. Still, cheers to Unix!

Friends of Tor are matching donations up to 150000 dollars, so take your chance and donate now for double the effect!

Google expressed particular concern that Microsoft was taking child privacy more seriously than Google and sought to rein in Microsoft. “Whether at this meeting or at another forum, we may want to reinforce that this is an area of particular importance to have a coordinated approach,” read the memo.


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171. Google also sought a coordinated effort to forestall and diminish child privacy protections in proposed regulations by the FTC and in proposed legislation by Senators Markey and Hawley. According to the same July 31, 2019 document, Google wanted to use the upcoming meeting with the other Big Tech firms to “find areas of alignment and narrow gaps in our positions and priorities on child privacy and safety.”

Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

TIL how to use Proton that I hear so much about. According to ProtonDB my favorite Windows title Ostriv has a Gold ranking. So it should work. I'll try it when I get home today.

I am still trying to find the right buyer for him so please contact me if you're able to take on a puppy from Malmö, Sweden, but two buyers have already said no because of what is on a piece of paper. So he will always have a home here with me and his mother Smulan.

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I 💕 these

The top puppy is Baldur and I'm having trouble selling him because he has mild Patella Luxation in his right knee.

The other one is his sister Saga belonging to my mother.

Baldur is as active as any puppy. He runs, loves jumping, fights with his family and is very loving when he's done with all those activities.

Min Brammo elmotorcykel klarade sitt MOT test, vilket betyda att jag kan köra det på vägen igen! ⚡🔋🏍

I'm looking for a task-oriented rather than project-oriented time tracker. I have some recurring activities (different kinds of meetings mostly) with different schools ("clients") and I would like to track time so I can easliy see how much time I spend on certain activities and certain clients (two-dimensional tracking).

Any suggestions?

The deadly winds ripped through the city, demolishing every building. They sheared off the top 40 feet (12 m) of the 4-story palace and blew the jumbled debris into the next valley. None of the 8,000 people or any animals within the city survived – their bodies were torn apart and their bones blasted into small fragments.

Another great find from Denmark, wow! Gold likely buried in the 6th century. Includes reworked Roman coins from the 4th century CE!

Early Futhark runes, early mentions of Odin as "the high one". 🤯

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