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Nu är vi tillbaka! 🥳

Vi kickar igång säsongen med att titta på vad #fsf tycker om #GitHub:s nya artificiella parprogrammerare #Copilot. @PINE64 har en ny spännande produkt, #firefox tappar användare och #Linux fyller 30 år!

Det, #foss, #opensouce, #floss och mer. Häng med! 🚀

@session The one concept I'm not familiar with from the Oxen docs is staking.

It seems to be voluntary to stake your node.

@session Well technically Briar also onion routes messages but it definitely uses Tor.

I'm a long time Tor node operator and Loki is looking really interesting to me.

But I wonder how it scales running an Oxen node if all nodes also have to verify the Blockchain.

Am I misunderstanding things? Or is it possible to only run a network node that does not work on the Blockchain?

@dsv Just 5 years ago I would have said; yes absolutely.

But I've been using Fedora these past 7 years and lately their graphical tools have become so mature that I find myself using them much more.

For example I never thought I'd be rescuing a system using the graphical tools on the live USB but this summer I did just that.

As long as the tool is reliable I don't care what it looks like.

@Mehrad Also this might be of interest;

I haven't followed this whole thing but it looks like innocent images might be flagged by mistake due to colliding hashes.

Is anyone aware of good online spaces for digital creators who are women? Or like, generally inclusive spaces. My partner is learning and want to get in touch with cool people doing blender (or design etc), but I kinda suspect that a lot of 3d art spaces are super sausage party-ish.

Vi behöver förstärkning på MetaSolutions!

Javascriptutvecklare med fokus på integration av öppna data på olika webbar:

Om du är en person som tycker om att jobba kundnära med utveckling i och så trivs du hos oss. Hos oss får du kontorsplats med sjöutsikt, kollegor med passion för öppna data och bygga webb som förbättrar samhället.

Sprid gärna - vore fantastiskt om vi kunde nå fram till någon som redan är engagerad kring frågor om öppna data!

@athompso I haven't looked at it but in general networking drivers run in kernel space so they are by default root.

@nuala I just consent to everything and then use Cookie Auto-delete in my browser.

Mussolini's Fascist party propaganda in the 1930s look like every bad dystopian movie from the 1980s.

@DrWhax Oh yes. I was recently ruminating on what got me into my career. We couldn't afford computer games growing up so all I had were demos that came in magazines like PC Gamer and Datormagazin.

But sometimes you'd get an entire distro for free. Linux was like a game that never ended to a young teenage me.

And now, more than 20 years later, that interest in Linux has given me a safe, well payed and stable career I can do from anywhere in the world. Doing what I love.

I'm shutting down my Signal TLS proxies as of today.

I want those hosting resources for other things and they're barely used. The whole TLS proxy thing was a flop from day one. If you want anonymous and secure messaging I would recommend Briar. And perhaps using Tor bridges if necessary in your location.

❤️ this video of a dog using a hose to play with another dog. 😂

You can embed Mastodon posts on web pages by going to the post you want to embed, then click "..." underneath it, then select "embed".

This will give you HTML embedding code to post on your website.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

the pubnix i admin,, is hosting a programming language codejam tomorrow, up until the 1st of september! registrations are open, if anyone would like to join :)

What do you think of this commit?

"Add feature to automatically delete old toots"

I think i like it 🤔

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