Another great find from Denmark, wow! Gold likely buried in the 6th century. Includes reworked Roman coins from the 4th century CE!

Early Futhark runes, early mentions of Odin as "the high one". 🤯

On 11 September 1973 a military coup took over Chile from the
democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende. Chile
was after the coup ruled by a military dictatorship until 1990.
Thousands were murdered by the regime. Tens of thousands were tortured
in prison.

Today 20 years ago the first lights were lit on Chaos Computer Club's Project Blinkenlights, a project to make a giant dynamic billboard out of the Haus des Lehrers in Berlin. Here's a film about the project:

Web page:

Haus des Lehrers is just next to the Berlin Congress Center where the C3 conference was held for a long time.

Unix philosophy: do one thing and do it good
GNU emacs: how about no?

I read the chatcontrol proposal from the European Commission and wrote about in my blog:

TL;DR New temporary law that makes it legal again to search private messages approved by EU parliament. Might turn mandatory in expected proposal December 2021.

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@openess du är hela tio minuter före mig nere i Skåne. 🌥️

@finlaydag33k you want to be able to get a quick overview when opening the front of a rack. The front of servers and other racked equipment usually show a little status display. So it makes sense to also see the switch ports at the same time.

"Kun 26 procent af Danskerne ønsker et kontantløst samfund – 74 procent siger klart nej."

"Med erfaringerne om, at danskerne hurtigt kan ændre betalingsvaner, ser Dansk Erhverv og flere politiske partier nu en gylden mulighed for igen at puste liv i debatten om, at det ved en lovændring skal blive frivilligt for erhvervsdrivende at tage imod kontanter."

#bevarkontanter #digitalisering #privatliv

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