@SeaTree Now all gang members know where there are guns to steal.

Revision's Twitch stream ended rather suddenly but they're streaming through CCC:


"Drinks are allowed on CCC streams", as they said. Cheers!

@hund Känner inte personerna som utvecklar Lemmy så jag har ingen åsikt. Jag gillar idén och tror på någon sorts reddit-klon med ActivityPub. Detta kanske bara är första av många.

@UncleAlbie I would bring all the distros together into one super distro with the power of all developers combined we would crush Microsoft, Apple and even Sun. Then we would turn on each other and splinter into hundreds of smaller distros with no aim and very little unique purpose of their own. Dear God. What have we done...

Har lanserat en instans på lemlar.se/ om någon är sugen att prova.

Det är väldigt simpelt just nu och mjukvaran behöver mycket mer arbete.

Varje Lemmy instans ska ses som ett eget forum där du även kan prenumerera på inlägg från andra Lemmy instanser.

Verkar dock som att kommentarer inte visas än. Som sagt, mycket kvar att göra i mjukvaran.

Men om någon vill starta en lokal grupp redan nu så är ni välkomna att göra det på lemlar.se.

@sneak Oh yeah that's right. I've also longed for this feature.

I probably shouldn't have published this on #AprilFoolsDay, but I swear it's all real!

Also, I have a blast writing this newsletter and I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Check it out, it's free!

@Mae Well... then maybe your kid will have cat ears. We just need to find a worthy specimen to breed you with. Until we find them you're an indoors cat.


Me trying to find all the IETF RFC April Fool's jokes myself without using the list on Wikipedia.

@mur2501 She's willing to eat the alien but not to be confronted by the consequences of her dietary choices? Silly humans.

@h4890 If I was quick thinking I would have pretended to dust out a blanket and just throw it over the drone.

I just discovered strace-parser and as a this tool is amazing.

For many years I've wanted to parse output and summarize things like opened files and their return codes.

Strace-parser from Gitlab.com does exactly that.

Just now I resolved an issue in a proprietary Alcatel without having any knowledge of how to configure the software I could just summarize the strace output and see what it was doing wrong.


This is pretty accurate about

It's all fun and games until a "pod" full of containers is blocking your only pipeline and no more containers can come through.

Credit goes to u/wealthyrabbit on reddit for making the image, I believe.

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