There is only one proper way to compile #Linux kernels in the Italian summer

Det är snart två veckor sedan nyheten slogs upp på löpsedlarna om den Lettisk/Ryska kvinnan Alla Witte som hamnat i rättegång för att ha styrt det ökända botnetet "Trickbot". Mattias och Erik reder ut turerna, pratar botnet i dagens IT-säkerhetslandskap, försöker förstå vem hon är och drar paralleller med en annan entreprenör vars liv slutade i stor tragedi.

Detta är vår säsongsavslutning och vi återkommer i höst igen!


Hello everyone. My name is Mads (pronounced with a silent D). I am a Danish composer living in Norway. I write computer music and develop software and spend too much time tinkering with Linux and open source software projects. I work part time at the Norwegian Centre for Technology and Arts (aka NOTAM) in Oslo where I develop software, electronics and 3D audio for art projects of all kinds.

@Vanessa How about none of it is wrong and people who think any of it is wrong should be ignored because they're idiots? It's a rhetorical performance, it has nothing to do with you. Either you enjoy it or you leave it alone and enjoy something else.

@stux He's mad he can't fit his big black car inside that tiny little white parking space. Poor plant. 🌱♥️

This is what ahppens when a programmer becomes a Youtuber. He wrote a script to automatically edit his videos based on solid color backgrounds he sets in OBS. So if he sets a green color, it keeps the segment, a red color cuts the segment. And it also automatically cuts out dead moments with no sound. 👍 🎬

@juliobiason Truncate, or just have a job that clears them separate of the tests? Or why are you even doing tests on persistent tables in the first place? I'd think those tables only needed to exist as long as a container exists.

Developers need to understand that the database cluster is just like a bucket. I'm tasked with keeping the bucket standing without leaks.

But Developers can pour molten lava, rocks, cats and anything they want into the bucket and still expect it to keep standing upright, with no leaks and zero latency for them.

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Something I learned after almost 10 years as an unwilling and untrained DBA;

1. Developers always blame the DBA
2. DBA always blames the developers

Microsoft Bing raises concerns over lack of image results for Tiananmen 'tank man'

Microsoft Corp's Bing search engine showed no image results for the query "tank man" in the United States and elsewhere on Friday, users reported, raising concerns about possible censorship around the Tiananmen Square crackdown anniversary.

"Tank man" is often used to name an unidentified person famously pictured standing before tanks in China's Tiananmen Square during pro-democracy demonstrations in June 1989.

Microsoft said the issue was "due to an accidental human error and we are actively working to resolve this." ...

#TankMan #TiananmenSquareMassacre #Tiananmen #TiananmenSquare #Censorship #Bing #Microsoft

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EFF was proud to welcome NSA whistleblower @snowden for a chat about surveillance, privacy, and the concrete ways we can improve our digital world, as part of our EFF30 Fireside Chat series. If you missed the chat, watch it here:

I created a little public chat room. It's English only, family friendly and all that. Topic is anything non-controversial, but probably mostly about geeky stuff for obvious reasons.


@ella So it stands for Asexual right? And your toot means asexuals can never be allies of people with a sexuality? Just trying to get this straight here, no pun intended.

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