about a Free/Libre digital platform for citizen participation that is in use in Spain.


Now we're talking direct democracy! This needs further exploration.

Apes don't ask questions.

According to a study back in 1972 apes that have been taught sign language show no sign of using it to ask questions.

It suggests that asking questions is one key factor that divides humans from animals. This was super interesting to me.


about UserMode compile. If you want to test a kernel in a you can actually build an entire kernel in UserMode, and start it in a to test whatever kernel module, or patch, you're working on.

Thanks @mc for the tip.


that our local user @bartek donated the curl.se domain to Daniel and the curl project.

Thank you! And glad to have you here.


about Liquid Democracy and how it's a more practical implementation of direct democracy.

And I absolutely do believe we as a society have the ability to implement it safely. If Amazon can do thousands of safe transacations, and IBM can perform millions of safe transactions, and politicians can obfuscate motions to fool other politicians, then we sure as hell can clarify, simplify and automate something like Liquid Democracy.


about Certificate Transparency logs. Meaning anyone can get that internal hostname you created a cert for with Let's Encrypt, because it's published in a log for anyone to see.

This is how services such as crt.sh can show internal names, or SNI names, that shouldn't be easily accessible publicly.


The ride "Splash mountain" at Disney world is based on a movie called Song of the South. Which is apparently very racist, so racist that it was never made available on home video.


my dad isn't even a boomer, he's the generation before boomers!

the first thing I should do on a workstation setup where I plan to run is to add a new connection in virt-manager with qemu:///session as the url, instead of qemu:///system. Apparently running virsh uri from the cli as your user will give you this uri and that is why no VMs created by doing virsh create show up in virt-manager by default.

that Musk didn't start Tesla, he found the company when it was already 8 months old and bought it with money from his previous ventures.

"A lawsuit settlement agreed to by Eberhard and Tesla in September 2009 allows all five – Eberhard, Tarpenning, Wright, Musk, and Straubel – to call themselves co-founders.[18]"


you can't freeze cream cheese to make it last longer. It just ends up a runny mess that you can't spread anymore.

you can restrict a user session to connecting to one specific IP-address, or a list of IP-addresses.

systemctl set-property --runtime user-1001.slice IPAddressDeny=any IPAddressAllow=""

that it costs $2350 to relinquish your US citizenship. This is the most expensive fee in the world. Sweden is of course Free.

Apparently this fee was raised from $450 in 2014.

There is a list of countries if you scroll down on this Forbes article.


about and here is my view of it: It has a lot of potential to run "microservices" with the isolation of VMs but the minimal overhead of containers, maybe even less overhead than containers. But right now the community seem to be reluctant to work with other code than ocaml, which I think is a mistake. If they want to bring this to the masses they need a way to run known and established software with an ocaml wrapper inside Mirage OS.

the path from Gelsted to without walking on the busy road. Should blog about it later because that road is dangerous. I could probably even take my bike on this path when it's time to go home.

att det finns någon låg växt som sprider små fästingliknande frökapslar, när blev täckt av dom på tassar, nos och mun. Hon hade så många att hon nästan en timme senare plockade bort sådana jag hade missat helt själv, och spottade ut dom på min byxa. 😂

Ahaha att man kan i princip se samma lista om man klickar på "Utforska" och "Hashtaggar". 🤯

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That in India they might write 100,000 as 1,00,000 and it still means one hundred thousand. Weird!


That Instagram does indeed see everything you photograph. Just in case anyone was not clear about this.

"José likes using Instagram's Camera feature to take pictures of his friends. We collect information about how José uses the Camera feature, including what he sees through the camera lens on his device while he's using the feature. This helps us do things such as suggest masks and filters that he might like."


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