So in case anyone was wondering why was down for many hours recently? Apparently 1.24 got rid of node labels with the word "master", because when people see that word they get an uncontrollable urge to enslave other people I guess.

IT is full of corrupt terminology, like forking a child process. Every time I see the term parent I get the urge to stop programming and start procreating.

about UserMode compile. If you want to test a kernel in a you can actually build an entire kernel in UserMode, and start it in a to test whatever kernel module, or patch, you're working on.

Thanks @mc for the tip.

In two days the new and improved is released on and I personally can't wait!

I played this a lot 12 years ago. Knew all the keyboard shortcuts like a pro. Then life happened, and now I just don't feel like picking it up again, but I miss the stories it generated.

This new release on Steam aims to make the game accessible to more people by adding a shiny new point&click UI.

This seems cool, for and people in oppressive regimes.

is a tool for that allows creation of multiple hidden volumes on a device in such a way that it is very difficult, even under inspection, to prove the existence of such volumes.

Very striking article on . Especially the part on how the are re-writing the history of . But amid all that fatalism I have to say that still brings good with it. It allows the poor and uneducated to build systems that normally only highly trained engineers could build. And it gave me a career and a path out of poverty. So all things have two sides, and yes on the other end of this coin is used for murder.

I guess I'll be working overtime this weekend. Just because I don't want to hand this over to ops, if you want something done you better do it yourself.

How I re-provision nodes in my bare-metal homelab setup with PXE.

sudo shutdown -r +1 && sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=10 conv=fsync status=progress

It's so brutal but it fucking works. Just shows how robust Linux is. I schedule a reboot in 1 minute, and then overwrite the first 10MB of the system disk with zeros. So it can't boot, and PXE is the fallback. I've already used this several times to re-provision nodes in the cluster.

you can restrict a user session to connecting to one specific IP-address, or a list of IP-addresses.

systemctl set-property --runtime user-1001.slice IPAddressDeny=any IPAddressAllow=""

Just made the most useless for wc ever. Added an -i argument to do a live count, makes it look cooler. At a huge performance loss obviouisly.😂

Diablo 2 Resurrected playing from my PC on a 55" monitor with a gamepad. Awww jisss

I really like

It works well on with and it's just so different from any other I've played.

Here you were allowed to make a mural if your artistic skill was high enough and they let you pick the motif.

And my character always has the plastic bag equipped in case he finds any bottles he can return for money. Obviously the dish gloves give him interfacing +1.

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