Visste du att det nu finns en SVENSK Mastodon instans borta på


Jag föredrar att inte prata svenska, men lite coolt i alla fall!

#sv #Svenska #Sverige #Sweden #mastodon #HASHTAG

@maloki Nice. Tack för reklamen! Men vad menar du att du inte föredrar att prata svenska? 🤔 Har precis börjat och slätar fortfarande ut lite rynkor i driftsättningen, men tanken är som sagt att nyttja domänen som jag haft vilandes ett bra tag. Och ska det vara .se så ska det lika väl vara riktat mot svenskar.

@stemid I toot and tweet and post almost exclusively in English.

Mostly because I want other people to be able to understand me as well. But I understand that some Swedish people have this inherent need to speak Swedish (I also took a BA in English last year, so that's probably why I prefer English).

It looks (from the replies I got) that some people were looking to maybe sign up to practice their Sweidsh, that'd be okay with you?


@maloki Sure. Goal is to remain a publically available instance for as long as possible. But technically I haven't started promoting the instance yet because there are still some deployment issues I want to sort out. Also to get a few other people on board as sysadmins and do what we can to increase transparency and accessibility of how the instance is being operated.

@stemid Woopsie, I should probably have looked into that first :D

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