@stemid I mean, sure, yeah. But this comic has been written by an adult, who has the life experience and emotional intelligence to do this. A child doesn't.
@stemid Also this doesn't work for the bullies that prefer to do their talking with their hands (or feet, or knees, etc etc)...

@jec sure but it might guide a young person in the right direction

@jec @stemid It's missing the fifth frame where she comes out as non-binary and shoots 32 school children dead

@jec @stemid It also comes from the perspective of having the individual stability to remove yourself from a group which you are forced in. If you can't sit with anyone, you are alone, and if there aren't enough places, you might end up standing or in a different space.

Sticking to being yourself is great advice, presenting it as a solution is very much misguided. It needs to be clear that what bullies do is wrong and children deserve the active support of adults in stopping them.

@stemid in my experience, that's when they either start spreading nasty rumours about you, or get physical.

@stemid Känns som mina år i högstadiet. Hade klasskamrater som höll på det sättet men de kunde inte fatta varför jag inte tog illa upp.

@stemid Ah, if only emotions and social consequences weren't real things that real not-cartoon-character humans have to live with and navigate.


That won't prevent them to hit you.
But they could have done it anyway.

Comic made by an adult who’s never been bullied.
Mockery was bad, isolation led me to suicide attempts.
So fuck whoever made this tactless ignorant crap.

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