Any coders out there want to finish a for the with me?

Please be my guest. Read the Design doc to hopefully understand how it works and then just submit MRs and I will consider them all. Message me if anything is unclear.

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You are also welcome to our room (even as a guest) at , we have some people there (including a team of 3 ^_^)

@stemid this is interesting I may take a look at it if I am not crumbling with homework’s

@stemid do you need to have your own mastodon instance to test it out. Cause I don’t have a server.

@louisrcouture No, just an account on an instance. The README needs work but the first step is to register a regular account on any instance, then the README takes over and shows how to get an API token with the register command, and then you can run the server.

@stemid this is interesting to me. What are the remaining tasks?

@asbjorn It's almost simpler to say what is done. Check the Design doc but basically now it connects to Mastodon, it waits for messages, it dispatches commands. It only supports one command so far and no action. So the command gameinfo for example should result in an action, the action is a response back to the user who sent gameinfo. That's where I am now, sending the action. And after that I have to populate it with commands, actions, templates (contents of replies) and the game logic.

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