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Har uppdaterat reglerna på för att mer direkt följa lag 1998:112.

Kom gärna med synpunkter och kritik.

@samuel har även länkat till din blog i FAQ, hoppas det är ok. det är så klart mitt ansvar att kontrollera att länken fungerar i framtiden.

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Bara en påminnelse till användare av att ni kan se driftstatus och planerade driftavbrott på om ni någonsin undrar varför saker inte funkar.

Have you tried following someone and it says "pending"?

In theory this is meant to only happen when someone has manual follower approval switched on. If they have it switched on, there will be a padlock 🔒 next to their name on their profile.

However, "pending" may also happen if servers are overwhelmed and your request is in a long queue, or there is some kind of technical fault.

Don't assume someone is rejecting your follow if you see "pending". They might not even know it is happening.

Here it is! My algorithmic #Mastodon Digest is now #OpenSource! It surfaces posts and boosts from your home timeline that you may have missed. You need a bit of comfort running #python #projects but I tried to make it as turnkey as possible. Everything runs locally, and you can currently generate 288 different digests based on your preferred:
• Timeline history
• Scoring criteria
• Threshold criteria

Lots more to experiment with — please remember this is still a toy 😄

In two days the new and improved is released on and I personally can't wait!

I played this a lot 12 years ago. Knew all the keyboard shortcuts like a pro. Then life happened, and now I just don't feel like picking it up again, but I miss the stories it generated.

This new release on Steam aims to make the game accessible to more people by adding a shiny new point&click UI.

WOW! Svenska myndigheter är på tårna! Viktigt med öppen källkod och att undvika inlåsningseffekter av proprietär och centraliserad teknik.

"Under projektets gång har Element blivit leverantör till Försäkringskassan för videokonferens och bestående chatt."

dSam and eSam endorse Matrix for secure and federated communications in the Swedish public sector

Alla snackar om Spotify wrapped, jag går in på Youtube Music och ska kolla om dom har något liknande, och av alla bolag som älskar data så säger Google detta;

Självklart samlar dom in data om mig för annonser men på ytan påstår dom att det inte samlas in data iaf.

Luckily is sandboxed on but I love that these kinds of are still being discovered.

"... It may be possible for a malicious host to trigger remote code execution in ping ..."

Aired once in 1998 on the live SNL show, then banned and never aired again


hiphop music youtube link 

Underrated and ahead of his time. Nickatina and 40 were both amazing in the 90s

Det börjar mörkna. Firar ni Kalle Dussin i kväll, som SD:s nuvarande ledning brukade göra åren kring millenieskiftet? En stolt tradition i vissa grupper. Kransnedläggning vid Tegnérstatyn i Lundagård back in the days, mina foton.

When shown the huge list of operating systems curl runs on, people often ask me which is the strangest, or hardest, operating system to keep curl support for. The answer is always, and will probably always remain: Windows.

No other operating system has so many custom, special, weird and quirky ways that require special-case solutions in the code.

Could this be true? I don't know what the source is but it sure seems awful.

Claims that the EU courts have made a verdict that could prevent the public from investigating who the true owner behind a corporation is.

I’m not an infosec expert or anything but I don’t think that’s right

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