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Here she is, God's own prototype. A high powered mutant of some kind never intended for mass production. Too jumpy to live, and too angry to die.

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Jag tror inte på någon sorts global åsiktscensur. Att sopa någon under mattan på grund av deras åsikt gör debatt omöjlig och minskar chansen att deras åsikt kommer förändras.

Det finns dock vissa svåra undantagsfall.

Därför har jag bloggat om hur du tystar ner en användare i Mastodon här på länken.

Ok, Fedi, it’s time to choose your PHP Gender

That's it for this year for me. Arrived home a few hours ago, car is now unpacked and camp gear stored safely in the basement. I've had a long, cool shower and now my partner and I are relaxing on the sofa. Thanks for a great #BornHack, especially to all you amazing participants who make the event what it is ❤️

Jag tänkte skriva ett argt blogginlägg om dumheterna, men Kent Wisti har redan sagt allt som behöver sägas.

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Mein gott, äntligen hemma.

Tappade bort Smulans koppel nånstans i Odense, och med det alla bajspåsar. Vid det laget var jag redan slut så jag tog ett direkttåg till CPH Lufthavn och drog hem.

This year's was particularly magical to me so thank you to all the giving people that made it happen and I love all the beautiful souls I met there. 👍💕

Me and are now on the train to Odense, and after Odense we're camping one more night somewhere on Fyn before taking the train across stora Bält tomorrow and doing the final stretch home to Malmö.

Now, #Bob can be used by anyone who understand the drag'n drop user interface on Windows! To celebrate, and me wrote an article about our #OCaml experience and #GADTs available here: Bob is usable and our #MirageOS still alives!

about and here is my view of it: It has a lot of potential to run "microservices" with the isolation of VMs but the minimal overhead of containers, maybe even less overhead than containers. But right now the community seem to be reluctant to work with other code than ocaml, which I think is a mistake. If they want to bring this to the masses they need a way to run known and established software with an ocaml wrapper inside Mirage OS.

Yo hej, jeg er ny, @asbjorn's talk på #bornhack overtalte mig til at joine 😎

Infront of you is a gate, speak the magic words and pass through the gate. Pass the narrow path for a short stretch and you get to another dirt road.

You've essentially gone in a straight line since Skyttevej so just keep following this road and do not leave it for any reason no matter how tempting it may seem. Just go straight through the woods and you will be at the first parking lot on the dirt road that leads to the gate. Safe travels adventurer. 🗡️

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Ok so you just follow Søndergade straight down the hill from the railway. When the main road veers off to the right and the roundabout you just stay on the left one which is still Søndergade. Take the second right onto the dead end road Skytevej and just keep going straight as the paved road turns into a path.

And just keep following the straight path, passing a few other paths on the way. Until you get to a crossing dirt road big enough for cars.

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the path from Gelsted to without walking on the busy road. Should blog about it later because that road is dangerous. I could probably even take my bike on this path when it's time to go home.


Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0 becomes a W3C Recommendation

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