@samuel time for them to use some classic code techniques.

And send lots of random collections of words to people.

@samuel I posit that technically @Blockadeaustralia could use mastodon, given it's DMs are unencrypted :)
the whole 'must disclose passwords' puts that in a jam though, also does that apply to all online services or just the phone? so goddamn broad.

@daedalus @samuel @Blockadeaustralia same applies to banks etc, as has been said prior, it’s inconsistent bullshit that’s worth a try

@samuel Yikes, now that is the direct enforcement of the usage of proprietary software...

@samuel It’s like there’s no-one in any govt position in this country that understands what encryption is, or is used for.

It’s so embarrassing.

@samuel Silly example: it’s tax time now. Can these people legally file their returns? Seems not, on the face of it. But they can’t legally _not_ file either.

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