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i can't believe that my shitpost about inspecting the value of the expression `c / c++` to determine what compiler you're on turned out to _actually_ expose a difference between gcc and clang

int c = 1;
int d = c / c++;

in GCC, both ints are `2`; in clang, `d` is `1`

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Tip for anyone who's been put off building stuff with JS due to the terrifying array of build tools and packages and framework choices you have to make these days

You don't have to use any of that stuff!

A few years ago I gave myself permission to ignore it all and just use default browser environments... and it turns out to be a really fun, productive, dare I say delightful environment to work in

Now that we can ignore IE compatibility modern JS and browser APIs are really nice to work with!

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So, the ChatGPT business model is going to be about selling tools that can detect its own output.

In terms of knowledge, veracity and the entire concept of truth, they’ve built a robot that is going to shit everywhere, and then sell you a dowsing rod that might let you navigate that shit without stepping in it. I’m sure the first time you use it, it will be very affordable.

It’s amazing how many people are lining up to be 10x or 100x shit-producers.

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🆕🦀 Yet another version of #rustlang, Rust 1.67.0, has just been released!

This one is a relatively small release. So, short release thread:

🧵 1/6

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Let's test my reach. We, NetInsight, are looking for a frontend developer in Stockholm (at least part time in the office)

React or similar
Material UI or similar
Unit testing


Experience from visualizing large networks

DM me for details

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An astounding image of our moment at the precipice:

Climate activists standing against the inhuman-scale machinery of the open-pit Lützerath brown coal mine, with a wind farm visible in the distance.
#climate #LützerathLebt #coal #renewable

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Exactly 14 years ago , Satoshi Nakamoto designed the most pathetic / inefficient system ever invented by humankind : the blockchain.

Today, it weights 60 000 tons, wastes constantly 10 gigawatts .. to process less than 7 transactions per second :

Less than a 33 bps modem from 1990.

This could be joke if it didn't have such gigantic environmental impact, wasn't enabling billion dolllars ransomware industry and was not crushing thousands of lives in the process.

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My migration appears to be more broken than I thought. Many of the people who are listed as following me, aren’t actually following me. They can only see ”Withdraw follow request” on my profile 😅

How are you seeing this post? (boosts welcome)

🎉 I just released version 0.27.0 of the rsass crate, providing most of scss (except `@extend` rules) in pure css. Now also usable as a rust macro! Read more at rasmus.krats.se/2023/rsass027.

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When designing a user interface, imagine some old woman using it, say Margaret Hamilton, and she's clicking your app's buttons and saying to you, as old people do,

"Young whippersnapper, when I was your age, I sent 24 people to the ACTUAL MOON with my software in 4K of RAM and here I am clicking your button and it takes ten seconds to load a 50 megabyte video ad and then it crashes

I'm not even ANGRY with you, I'm just disappointed."

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✨ Happy New Year 2023!
I wish you with this illustration strength and courage against all the "dragons" who might be on your way in 2023. Can you see the numbers in the silhouettes?

#MastoArt #krita

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Äntligen! rekommenderar nu att använda ordet och inte det vilseledande . Det är ett fossilt bränsle och bör både betecknas och behandlas som ett sådant.

Tagga gärna medier, myndigheter och företag som behöver uppdatera sig.

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When you're talking about Linux, it's okay to say that it's "open source".

It's okay to say that it's "free software".

It's okay to call it "GNU/Linux", "Linux", or to mess up its name.

It's okay to refer to it as "the one with the friendly penguin".

Part of RMS' legacy has been an incessant obsession with terminology and pedantry, overshadowing far more important shared objectives which are fundamentally emancipatory in nature.

Pedantry is not activism; it is alienating, not emancipatory.

Vad är nu detta? Vill du inte blocka naziskonton får du väll ta hjälp av några mer rakryggade moderatorer. Det står ju uttryckligen i instansens regler att rasism, diskriminering, våldsam nationalism, och åsikter som avser att begränsa individens frihet och värdighet, som t.ex. abortmotstånd och transfobi kan tas bort och leda till avstänging.

Ska du tillåta sånt så kommer vettiga instanser att avfederera oss, och jag vill nog hellre umgås med dem än med nazisterna.

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RT @luismbat@birbsite

Who would have thought that adding a Sierpinski Triangle Fractal as musical notes would actually sound good!😅

Nu ljuder åter Da Capos signatur i P4! Da Capo Special i Eldemans fotspår!

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At last I got to discuss Fediverse futurism! I was talking to some folks from German public radio and they asked me how people can appropriate (aneignung) technology for liberation when so much of it is being used to oppress us. And I described the transition from centralized, corporate-owned Twitter to a plurality of Fediverse apps owned by a range of entities: public, private, hobbyist, NGO. A nice conversation. #fediversefuturism

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Hey, have you checked out this year’s 12daysofweb.dev advent calendar yet? You should!

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