Tyvärr, jag gjorde mitt bästa att hålla denna sajten igång men jag orkar inte mer. Jag är väldigt ledsen till alla som donerade och ville att mastodon.se skulle leva vidare.

Läs mer på bloggen.

(Inlägg i denna tråden visas även på bloggen.)


Läste att mastodon.se stänger ner, kan bara beklaga omständigheterna. Användarna har tre månader på sig att byta instans. Hos oss på mastodonsweden.se finns det fortfarande plats om någon är intresserad, och det finns flera svenska servrar med olika profil att välja på, se listan nedan:



In which #BingAI admits to making up an answer because it sounded more interesting than the truth.

accidentally wrote "saad" instead of "saas" in a text to my partner; they immediately coined "Software as a Disappointment"

and honestly, where is the lie

Hahaha, a computer scientist found out that #Spoutible is based on a relatively cheap $89 CodeCanyon/Themeforest project 😂 What a world we live in...

Source: twitter.com/marco_schuer/statu

I saw a meme on tumblr earlier that said the best response to “Can you explain this gap in your resume” is “No I signed an NDA”


Why is digital stuff "getting out of shape" when you don't use it for a while? The software for my Canon DSLR has so much issues connecting to the camera when I haven't used it for a couple of weeks. When I use it daily it connects every time 🤔

I don't really get a lot of tiktoks on / . Seems like people are playing "to win". "A player can get unlimited lightning bolt spells if he marries an undead and then yada yada".

It's been ages since I played, but in my days a DM would have never allowed stuff like that. It's a shared experience, not a game where you can cheat to win...

Today is the national day of the Sámi people, who mostly live across what is now Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. This day commemorates the first cross-border congress of Norwegian and Swedish Sámi, in 1917.

In Sweden the language is spoken by about 20,000 people, but far more have Sámi heritage, as a result of racism and assimilation policies. #sami #indigenous su.se/department-of-swedish-la

Buy my spiffy tunes for almost nothing: osirisdreams.bandcamp.com/albu

Or get them for free:


Redeem at: osirisdreams.bandcamp.com/yum

Signs you have carpenter #ants

* keep finding tiny tools
* city sends a very tiny permit to affix to baseboard
* when you try to move a book you are told to “keep this entrance clear, ma’am” because of the “cement delivery coming later”
* Your dish rack is dismantled “because it’ll be cheaper to rebuild from scratch”
* no room on the dresser due to like 85 tiny pickups illegally parked there
* husband keeps hearing high pitched wolf whistles when exiting shower

Started on a new video yesterday. Was just noodling about and created this great riff. Listening to it today it's... almost exactly the main riff of Painkiller... 😕

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