Kickstart 3.1.4, WB 3.1.4 installed and running on that 130 Mb spinning disc that’s 20 years old. Removed the viper card for this and finally with more violence/force than i would like it is back in its socket. Please keep your fingers crossed with me that it will boot and report that fast ram in next photo! 🙏😩🙈


@mika either I destroyed the viper card while installing or 3.1.4 has issues booting with it. Internets has not given me any info yet. Will continue digging tomorrow. Or if the verse has any tips...

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@mika how did you install WB and what happens when you turn on the amiga?

@madcap I’m unsure what details you’d like about installing. (I ran the installer on the install floppy.) the screen is grayish and “flashes” a tiny bit. It works without the viper card...

@mika it's just that people sometimes install the OS in WinUAE instead of doing it on a real Amiga.
It sounds like there is some problem with the viper card.

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