Here is something I received in the mail today. Decided I will toot mostly about because no one is following me and no one got it on Instagram...

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@mika Never a fan of the Amiga [Atari ST guy], but nothing but respect.

@daelf I dug up my Amiga 1200 from the attic a couple of weeks ago. Was surprised it worked after ~30 something years. Also surprised I could order a new OS released ~2018. :)

@daelf @mika the Atari ST was so cute, I loved the aesthetic.

@polychrome @mika Thank You. To this day I feel as though it simply didn't get the credit it deserved. Was kind of cute.

@mika my older brother had an Amiga 500 when I was a kid. I have a lot of fond memories.

@rgggn I have fond memories also. :) One thing I was not able to achieve was learning assembler. So have started doing that now. Never too late. ;)

@mika @rgggn And one of the best platforms for learning it. One of the best CISCs and a very cool set of well documented custom HW. Also, the calling conventions for the libraries are very assembler friendly.

@mika @rgggn ... I miss not being constantly slightly disgusted by the system I'm using.

@polychrome Yes it was. 😄 (ordered from

@mika Oooh, nice! it's 3.1.4?
I have to toot some #amiga stuff, too.

@mika Nice to see. I'm a bit too young but I inherited my older brothers Amiga 500 when he moved on. Some friends at school already had a Nintendo SNES by then but I had an Amiga 500 and C64 with hundreds of pirated games.

When I later left home my mother donated the Amiga and the C64 to the church second hand market because she thought they were two old keyboards! So I still have all the games and discs but no computers. My friends bought me a C64 replacement 10 years ago.

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