Yep. That sound circuit really needed it’s gnd. I have only a few mods on this sd-card but I am pretty happy with listening again and again. 🤓

After recap my boot problems persisted. I had (what I thought was) a non working right mouse button which I finally checked and discovered it was fully functional. Found this link and noticed I had the exact behaviour:

With invaluable help from I found a via not connecting to the other side of the board. After another (mediocre) soldering job the amiga seems stable as new. It has been running all weekend. Woohoo!

It failed on boot. Decided it was time for recap. Had no high hopes. Made this ugly pad repair. 🤭 Results after replacing some of the caps. Success. 🥳

Finally managed to update the card with 3.1 compatible firmware. Got my 8Mb of ram back. Now I really need to get it on the network since file transfer via SD card is a bit clunky... -computing

Found a floppy with drivers for my accelerator card. Of course that is the disk that is broken. Not sure what I am doing with DiskSalv really. I have no high hopes here. :) need to get this amiga online soon...

@mika either I destroyed the viper card while installing or 3.1.4 has issues booting with it. Internets has not given me any info yet. Will continue digging tomorrow. Or if the verse has any tips...

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Kickstart 3.1.4, WB 3.1.4 installed and running on that 130 Mb spinning disc that’s 20 years old. Removed the viper card for this and finally with more violence/force than i would like it is back in its socket. Please keep your fingers crossed with me that it will boot and report that fast ram in next photo! 🙏😩🙈

Here is something I received in the mail today. Decided I will toot mostly about because no one is following me and no one got it on Instagram...

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