Thinking about changing your electricity supplier? Our customer Energimarknadsinspektionen has now made it easier to get an overview of how much different suppliers charge you. 2 new datasets are available at

@metasolutions Would definitely Not recommend Vattenfall! They couldn't handle a change of name to pay a bill after a family member died,bothering me with calls the day of the funeral (because they had 2 different people who didn't talk to each other call me about the same issue).It took 4 phonecalls when I was trying to actually pay them! Their customer service has been awful.They couldn't even manage a change of address.They're just as incompetent as Swedbank unfortunately.🤦 🤦 🤦

@albino_squirrel OK. We're sorry to hear about your story and experience. We hope that you can find a good website, forum or channel to share your story/reviews with other potential customers apart from the Fediverse. We are only working with the public sector agency to help them publish open data about their inspections of the energy market. We are at this moment not working with electricity suppliers such as Vattenfall or banks such as Swedbank.

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