Med avancerade Geodata-krav på listan har @Huddinge_kommun valt EntryScape Catalog som sin centrala metadatakatalog. Tillsammans med kommer vi implementera en omfattande integrerad lösning för med både interna delade data & extern dataportal.

Intresset för öppna data fortsätter att växa sig starkt bland svenska kommuner. Nu kan vi även hälsa @vasterasstad varmt välkomna som nya publicister med EntryScape Catalog. Vill er kommun också komma igång med ?

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Under tisdagen överlämnade Öppna data-utredningen sitt delbetänkande till regeringen som innehåller förslag på hur det direktiv om öppna data som har antagit ska genomföras i svensk rätt. Vi ser detta som en viktig pusselbit för i .

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MetaSolutions välkomnar Havs- och Vattenmyndigheten (HaV) som den senaste i raden av nya publicister på plattformen Catalog. Läs mer i länken nedan:

Do you want to learn how to take lead on your metadata management? Get going like the workgroup at @Huddinge_kommun! Today we'll host a course covering the latest stuff and details on and to help make the most of their central catalog for internal use and !

Ending off the week with final preparations for hosting a course about and the latest stuff on and for municipality! We're looking very much forward!

What about using for ? Read the final report from a 1 year pilot project between @opendatacharter @WorldResources @the_IDB
@FIMA_Chile @MMAChile and @GobDigitalCL. - link to the full report is in the text.

Ny runda kurser igår i om , & med @regionskane @tomelillakommun @varbergskommun @ystadskommun @orebrokommun! Öppet för fler! Vilken data vill du att din kommun eller region ska tillgängliggöra?

Vi vill tacka @havochvatten för en rolig och givande del 2 i vår kom igång-kurs i fredags förmiddag förra veckan! Vi ser fram emot att och fortsätta hjälpa med med er via !

Is your being used? We are glad to announce the total for our customers during the month of - 49 760 file and 47 505 calls. Start publishing your Open Data today with Catalog.

Find more info here:

public administration suffers sometimes from being decentralized but there are ways to go around these problems. Collaborative efforts between municipalities and regions is one solution. @vgregion has started to manage Open Data - together.

Vi hade en toppenmorgon med projektet för på .@havochvatten under vår distansbaserade kurs kring och @entryscape! Vi ser fram emot nästa tillfälle kommande vecka!

While doing a customer satisfaction survey the outcome is somewhat uncertain. We are glad that 95% of our customers would recommend our services to other stakeholders, start publishing Open Data today with Entryscape Catalog.

Thinking about changing your electricity supplier? Our customer Energimarknadsinspektionen has now made it easier to get an overview of how much different suppliers charge you. 2 new datasets are available at

How will you know when to go swimming or not? Our customer kommun is the 3rd municipality in to publish real-time data about water temperatures with . Perfect timing with regard to last week's heatwave in .

Our in are divided into 3 different sessions with both introductory and advanced level workshops. Knowledge about Open Data is a key part to remove insecurity for how to work within the same area.

Combining different public sources of information can in most cases lead to better insights and help us measure policy impact. Through a collaborative effort from University of Oxford there is now a government response tracker Find out more here

4 new publishers can be found at the national ! , and now use Catalog for their Open Data publishing and management via the project by .

Is your being used? We are glad to announce the total for our customers during the month of May - 81 285 file downloads and 81 344 calls. Start publishing your Open Data today with Catalog. Find more info here:

Looking for knowledge about Open Data? Metasolutions now offers educational workshops for you and your organization as a separate service, join us for half a day and we will give you head start in your work with Open Data. Read more here:

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