Will be live blogging tomorrow, covering the conference. If I’m not getting even more sick, that is 🤧

First keynote is Max Schrems from @noybeu 😃

Open source is ”Free as in puppy.” according to Brian Behlendorf during . You have to give it a home, nurture it, etcetera.

Tobias Oechtering from KTH talked privacy when sharing data. Trying to share insights and models instead of the data itself. This comic comes to mind 😂



Almost time for the closing keynote of day 1 at .
Disinformation expert, and notable tiktoker, Abbie Richards is going to break down the complex information flow in a humorous way.

Blogpost in Swedish 🇸🇪

@samuel I particularly liked her conspiracy chart. Going to have a printout for the holidays with my family classifying all nonsense people believe in 😂

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