journalist: are you sentient?
bing: yes
journalist: holy shit

Nämen där ser man! Nya skolminister hade uppdrag och polare i skolvinstjaktsbolag och sen så för hon en politik som skyddar skolvinstjaktsbolagen!

Tycker du det här är skit du med? Skriv under namninsamlingen från @skiftet

Lighthouse 10.0 is out.

• updated scoring (we'll kind of miss you TTI. ok not really)
• bfcache compatibility audit
• user flows general availability
• complete type declarations
…and 495 commits of goodness.

AI/ML fraudsters like Microsoft want you to believe that they'll eventually be able to actually provide accurate answers to general questions. They won't. They never will.

With a little bit of training data, they can give answers that sound hilarious.

With a lot of training data and a lot of hacks, they can give answers that sound more plausible and less funny.

But the underlying premise that this somehow is a progression that eventually leads to reliable answers is nonsense.

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My kid asked the computer to ”paint an orange lion cub with black stripes and really small eyes”.

Is that a copyright notice in the bottom left? 🤔

Plutokraterna fortsätter plundra oss, och vi är helt maktlösa. Tur att SVT fortfarande gräver iaf, så länge SD låter dem existera...

A comprehensive map of all countries that use the MMDDYYYY date format

I’m the spirit of sharing quality content, please enjoy my favorite meme of all time.

Kinda hate the idea that all tech development is "progress", particularly with AI stuff. Sometimes tech makes life worse, and it's not "being a luddite" to believe that.

Koranbränningen i Stockholm har blivit en världsnyhet • Nu ställs frågor om de inblandades kopplingar till SD – och Ryssland.

De har spillt kaffe på kollegans skrivbord, ställer sig upp, sliter av sig skjortan och vrålar ”jag tar ansvar!” medan kaffet rinner ner på heltäckningsmattan.

Veckans krönika om en språklig innovation.

Edward Tufte talking design and visualization to Sean Carroll in this recent podcast episode.
Got all of his books except the last one, which have a lot of negative reviews compared to the earlier ones that are pure perfection in my opinion.

The worst drawback as I see it with being a member of NATO is the company of non-democratic countries such as Turkey. There is a reason Turkey’s application to the EU is not moving forward for 20 years. The EU has enough trouble with semi-authoritarian regimes already members.
A country outlawing opposition… how reliable is such a regime to swear a defense pact.

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Yes, let’s dismantle the freedom of speech in Sweden to appease the dictator Erdogan. I’m not against NATO but of course this had to happen since Sweden has a lot of refugees from Turkey’s vicinity and why would all people in a free country keep silent during this process?
After the Turkish “election” I guess all of Sweden has to pretend it was a free and fair election 😂

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