Var alltid mer snäll än du behöver. Minns inte vem som sa det men det är spot on.

This is my first blog post in both Swedish and English, just so everyone can fully understand me.

It details how must move forward from this situation, and I need your help.

So this is the time to put up or shut up, those of you who like being here and want to keep this name around.

(As always comments in this thread are visible on the blog.)

While you’re marveling at the audacity of this brave old timer, remember that he’s the same age as Vladimir Putin.


A 70-year-old man in Podolsk, outside Moscow, reportedly set fire to the local army recruitment center. When the cops arrived, he only hurried up to be sure the blaze got going.


Putin bans Russian oil exports to countries that imposed price cap -decree

Putin on Tuesday delivered Russia's long-awaited response to a Western price cap, signing a decree that bans the supply of oil and oil products to nations participating in the cap from Feb. 1 for five months. The Group of Seven major powers, the European Union and Australia agreed this month to a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil effective from Dec. 5


#Ukraine 🇺🇦

Jag har läst flera inlägg från före detta twittrare som uttryckt hur mycket lugnare och trevligare stämning det var på Mastodon.

De senaste veckorna har jag anat en annan tendens, och sett infekterade diskussionstrådar med hårda ord.

Snälla, sänk tonen i diskussionen. Försök förstå istället för att försöka missförstå. Skriv inte i affekt - vänta tills hettan lagt sig något.

Och till sist: fediversumet är en så genial idé, så undvik in i det längsta att defederera.

An interesting debate happening between at least three Swedish Mastodon servers right now. An admin on wrote a blog saying they would tolerated Sweden Democrat supporters as long as they stick to the rules. One Swedish server,, has defederated as a result and I think some non-Swedish ones have done so as well.

In many ways this 'new' debate parallels the ongoing debate over SD that we've seen since they were elected in 2010.

There’s a Russian “War Against Fakes” channel on Telegram that exists to spread fake news about real news they claim is fake. It has 800,000 subscribers. The mind boggles.

Ilya Yashin’s defense lawyer Maria Eismont writes that her client was transferred to a detention center 800 miles from Moscow, days before his mother’s scheduled jail visit. “This is how they wished a happy New Year to Ilya and his family,” Eismont says.

Hur ser ni på det som händer kring just nu? Det här är ju en principiellt intressant fråga, så hade varit bra att veta, särskilt ifall det blir aktuellt att byta instans.

I detta sammanhang vill jag ge en ryggdunk till @stemid , en person som ger tid och engagemang för att driva en Mastodon-instans, en person som jag visserligen inte känner personligen men som jag har följt länge och som verkar ha högst rimliga värderingar - men som genom ovan beskrivna debattklimat har fått ett illa oförtjänt rykte om sig att vara nån sorts nazzekramare. Det stämmer dåligt med min bild av honom.

Tack för ditt bidrag till fediversumet, Stefan! Låt dig inte nedslås!

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How low can he sink? 🤦‍♀️
Replying to this Russian neo-nzi’s drunk ramblings with “epic thread” and thus drawing the attention of millions to this lunatic!?

Ännu ett år går mot sitt slut och traditionsenligt har Språktidningen och Språkrådet sammanställt årets nyordslista. Hur många av termerna är du bekant med sedan tidigare?

Over on the Dodo site, according to Elon's analytics, this tweet has reached 1 million "views." I don't believe it. Probably as reliable as the views he's reporting to advertisers. Big issue there is "viewability"--the definition of seen v served.

a lot of buildings don't have a thirteenth floor because they're not that tall

Min Svenska är begränsad men jag vill träna med andra som talar det. Snälla boosta. #svenska

Putin has appointed Security Council Deputy Chairman (and former PM and ex-President) Dmitry Medvedev to another position: first deputy chairman of Russia's Military-Industrial Commission. I guess his Telegram screeds are paying off.

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