A nearly 104-year-old comic, first published in March, 1919, that depicts what would happen if "pocket telephones" were invented.

Your regular reminder that #MachineLearning models (or #AI, if you insist on ignoring the meaning of 'intelligence') will repeat and reinforce any #bias that already exists in society.

911 a joke in your city?

Take a look overseas at #London.

The Cycle Response Unit of the Ambulance Service arrives faster than motorized ambulances—6 minutes from call to arrival on average.


Have you tried following someone and it says "pending"?

In theory this is meant to only happen when someone has manual follower approval switched on. If they have it switched on, there will be a padlock 🔒 next to their name on their profile.

However, "pending" may also happen if servers are overwhelmed and your request is in a long queue, or there is some kind of technical fault.

Don't assume someone is rejecting your follow if you see "pending". They might not even know it is happening.

Vad gör en fotbollsspelare nästan lika tuff som en handbollsspelare? #fotboll #handboll 

Att ligga under med ett mål.

I måste man först lära sig lyssna.
Sedan att förstå.
Ett stort steg är att ta det till sig.
Därefter att gestalta det.
Först sedan kan man implementera det.
Faran är att man i det här skedet glömmer lyssna.

I något skede märker man aikido är en del av livet och livet en del av aikido.


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