So I had the opportunity to field test for the first time the #ZipCall #P2P video calling platform, and called overseas from directly within my browser.

The result? Faster, better quality than WhatsApp, and the - true - freedom to use any platform you want.

Needless to say, I'm switching away forever from nonfree software when calling my significant contacts from now on. Victory!


@kzimmermann Looks promising! It doesn't say if it's opensource but I guess it is? How is it serverless if it runs off a website though?

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There's a github button below the website leading to the source code.
About p2p, i believe it only needs server to load the website and then goes p2p locally. Ideally it should never connect to the website's server after its fully loaded or maybe after your call connection has been made. But this has to be tested to know for sure.

@futureisfoss @kzimmermann I see. I just tried calling myself from PC to mobile and sadly it didn't work yet, but hope it is ready soon :)

@futureisfoss @joli yes, I was wondering about the same thing: could I just Ctrl+S the full webpage and just access it from disk?

I think the challenge that way is room discovery i.e. how do the two partners find each other? If you have a URL lying somewhere in the Internet syncing is just a matter of copying and pasting it, in a manner similar to early napster or a torrent tracker.

I wish the whole discoverability moved to P2P as well, so no takedowns would be possible.

I think making something so small like a website utility does have its limitations. Are there any p2p apps that support video calling ?

IMO p2p is best for audio/video calls, cause both parties have to be online anyway for doing calls, even in server based calls. Whereas messages tend to not reach the partner if one of them is offline, it can be an inconvenience for some.

@futureisfoss @kzimmermann Since it's already a website it might not be too difficult to pack it into a browser and offer it as a ? I'd like everyting but perhaps you are right hat calling should be p2p and messaging

@futureisfoss @kzimmermann is and supports video calling but you have to really trawl the web to find a branch that doesn't crash

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