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Nöjd! Veckans poddavsnitt färdigklippt och schemalagt. Alltid gött att ha det klart i god tid. Och med mitt arbetsflöde på iPad så går allt sjukt mycket fortare än när jag redigerade på Mac tidigare. Nu ett glas rött 🍷

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7 things all kids need to hear

1 I love you

2 I'm proud of you

3 I'm sorry

4 I forgive you

5 I'm listening

6 RAID is not backup. Make offsite backups. Verify backup. Find out restore time. Otherwise, you got what we call Schrödinger backup

7 You've got what it takes

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Please boost this. If you deactivate/delete your Tw*tter account, your @ handle will be publicly available in 30 days. The chances that you will be impersonated with no recourse is very high! Don’t do it - especially if you had a fairly popular account.

To wipe things, deactivate your account, then go to bird site /login and reactivate it. All of your followers will be gone. Now lock the account and let it rot. @semiphemeral is a great tool for wiping data, including DMs.


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Johan boosted is now upgraded to Mastodon v4.0.2

Users of can now enjoy the new features, like the Edit button, following hashtags etc.

New features are listed here:

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Made an #illustration sort of #maskot for the Mastodon instance Mastodon[dot]se
An mastodon with Dala-horse patterns and in the form of one of the classic wooden horse figurines (its a Swedish instance and Dala-horses are very sort of Swedish arts and crafts and kinda dorky)

Tydligen är Mastodon det nya svarta... Skall bli spännande att som om man kan greppa hur det funkar

For membership you must write a short motivation to prove you're not a robot. If you're outside of Sweden, or don't speak Swedish, please explain why you should have an account on this instance. Please read the server rules.