What’s your favorite feed?

Do you stay at Home? Or go Local? Or venture into Federated most often? All of ‘em? Do you always start with one and then check the others?

@helenaroth I usially stick to home, ocasionnally checking out the accounts of interesting people.

@helenaroth Here, home is way more active than local, due to the quite small instance. I didn't look into the federated time line for a very long time.

@helenaroth I venture into federated and find interesting people everywhere!

@helenaroth I spend a lot of time in Federated since I like to explore and learn and the CW feature allows me to not see things I might not want to see

@mariusz How do you use the CW feature for yourself? I mean - when do you activate it for what you're writing?

@helenaroth I tend to use it when I talk about random stuff people don’t generally follow me for, eg food or pets or whatever.

@helenaroth Mostly stay in my Home feed, occasionally look at the Federated. My Local feed is 30% me, and 60% people I already follow!

@helenaroth I have my own Mastodon instance, so I’m only using the home timeline and perfectly content with that. Previously on a larger instance I sometimes ventured into the federated timeline, and it was too much.

I always check home and local.
On some of my other accounts that are on very small instances, I sometime check federated but that's quite rare.
I have hashtag lists to find new people on subject I'm interested in.

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