Here I am! (Yeah, like y'all have been waiting for me... 🙈 )

Giving Mastodon a try, curious as to what type of tankespjärn I might find here, as well as what value I can provide.

Part of my curiosity centers around:

What's the thing that makes you give Mastodon a 👍 ?

But I am also eager to hear your best tips for a total rookie like me - so please, tell me:

What to do, who to 'follow' (is that even what I'd be doing here?), do's and don'ts?

@helenaroth this is a good resource to start when you want to find people talking about specific topics:

@kazarnowicz thanks!

Will give it a spin and see if I find anything to my liking!

@helenaroth find people with interests similar to yours. Check out accounts they follow, who follow them.
A good jumping off point for interests:

I really enjoy my time here on Mastodon, combined with Lemmy (which is a kind of federated Reddit).
A few insights we usually get are that this is still a smaller place, so we don't have the same reach as on consumer bird products. Also, there is still a sense of 'frontier' around it, which also means that a lot of posts tend to be pretty meta (Mastodon talking about mastidon) as well as lean on the techie side. I am myself guilty as charged, though I try to come up with more everyday, commonplace posts. I know we 'toot' but it tends to be called posts anyway, it seems.

One thing, which is directly related to the nature of the 'fediverse' is that we get less served here, with automated suggestions what to read and follow, based on algorithms that calculate what you may prefer by monitoring what you do. Personally, the ones I follow are a mix that can be divided in three groups:


- News & Info, e.g. The Guardian, QI Elves, EU instiutions
- People I know personally or find interesting to follow.
- Topics I am interested in. It can be climate, other politics, role-playing games, music... or stationery.

There is a lot less toxicity around here, perhaps depending on which instance (server) you reside on. But the interaction across different servers and services is something I plan myself to explore more.

Hope you will find a place here and welcome fellow countryperson!

@helenaroth check my following list and you’ll find pretty awesome people. On top of my head: @chris, @ru, @aral, @selea.


The Mastodon Help is pretty good:

Also, remember to include relevant hashtags in your posts. If you post a photo, add an alt-text description of the photo for visually-impaired people who use screen readers. If you're posting something on a subject that might negatively affect people (war, mental health, abuse, violence, etc) add a CW (content warning); some people might quickly unfollow you if you don't.

Finally, welcome!

@helenaroth Hi and welcome to Mastodon! I'd suggest that you indicate a bit more about what you are interested in in your profile, and then start sniffing for stuff that intrigues you by searching for hashtags, and then follow people that spit out the hashtags you find interesting. You can always unfollow.
It can be fun to open the firehose of the federated timeline, but it's probably not the best way to spend your time. Mastodon is pretty much what you make of it, so let it grow organically.


Jag har vart här i snart 5 år, och anledningen är:

Inte designat för att klistra fast en framför skärmen

Jag är inte produkten, inga annonser, ingen beteendeanalys osv

Likasinnade personer runt om :)

@selea Såg ditt 'varit här sedan'-datum och tappade hakan. Hörde talas om detta första ggn för en månad sedan elelr nått, tack vare @axbom som twittrade ut en artikel om det.

Onekligen är det fascinerande att upptäcka hur jag själv hajjar till när jag läser 'Inte designat för att klistra fast en framför skärmen'.... som ju ALLT annat är (verkar vara åtminstone).

Dock - vad 'är' produkten då? Finns det 'en produkt' här? Eller är Mastodon fritt från den grundtanken?



> Dock - vad 'är' produkten då?
> Finns det 'en produkt' här?

Nej, ingen produkt. Det är mer jämförbart med e-post, alltså det (mastodon/fediverse) är en öppen standard som folk kan använda för att kommunicera. Ingen äger det hela, vem som helst kan köra en egen server och koppla in sig till resten av fediversumet. Ganska fiffigt.

@selea @axbom

@helenaroth @selea @axbom Han menar att på Fejjan, fågeln etc är det du som är produkten, inte kunden. Kunderna är de företag som köper all din data, beteenden, åsikter, etc, för att skapa reklamprofiler de kan s vända på dig. 😎

@helenaroth @selea @axbom Här finns mer det sociala nätverket i "icke-kommersiell" form

@helenaroth @axbom

Mastodon är faktiskt bara en utav de flera mjukvaror/plattformar som kan "prata" med varandra :)
I folkmun så kallas det nätverket för "Fediverse" (fediversum).

Tanken är att flytta "makten" ifrån företagen, till individen. Du deltar för att du vill - tillskillnad från till exempel Facebook som har psykologer som tar fram algoritmer för att göra det "hooked".

Alla servrar (instanser) drivs utav individer/grupper som ofta finansierar ....

@helenaroth @axbom

.... allt med egna medel eller accepterar donationer för att kunna betala för servrar osv

@helenaroth @axbom Sen antar jag att @selea menar att Twitter säljer din personliga information för att tjäna pengar (vilket möjliggör dom att visa personlig reklam), därav ordvalet "produkt" 🙂 Mastodon gör inte detta.

Att Big Tech-företag säljer användarnas personliga information är tyvärr väldigt vanligt i dag. Tycker det är skönt att det finns alternativa vägar för och slippa skiten.

Personlig information över nätet = bilder, födelsedatum, e-postadress, intressen, med mera.

@helenaroth välkommen! The short story is that Mastodon is twitter without the toxic hate. It’s a kind Linux, programmer, geek, hbqt, vegetarian, vegan place. The only don’t is do not be unkind, hateful or misogynistic.

@helenaroth The Mastodon way of saying 👍 is by starring it as favourite :)

Welcome to the #Fediverse! It takes a bit of time to find people since the Fediverse doesn't apply any engaging #algorithms to track you :)

@helenaroth briefly, hashtags are actually a useful way to find stuff, filling out a little bit of a profile is good stuff, things roll with less dopamine here so you discover stuff maybe a bit slower

@helenaroth ppl boost cool things , which is a way to discover other users

@helenaroth welcome! This will be strange for you. You have to find people to follow. You have to find topics to follow. Everything is here but you are what is going to make your experience good here.

I've followed you too so let's figure this out together!

#fediverse #welcome #newbie

@helenaroth I like the friendly atmosphere. Especially having been a climate scientist on Twitter and having all those fools trying to derail real conversations.

My main tip is to write a post with the hashtag introduction (in German it is NewHere). It is a bit harder here to find interesting people, that partially because Mastodon is decentralized and partly also because it makes it harder for baddies to find people to harass. With an introduction post you make it easy for people to find you.

Use lots of hashtags because mastodon doesn't allow keyword search, only hashtags and usernames. Also, the "'cw" button is for content warning. To me it seems like people on mastodon go out of their way to be gentle so there are a lot of content warnings.


Some instances actually allow that, but those are running a fork of mastodon

@helenaroth lots of nice people and it makes me think of how to be nice to people I do not know and that's cool

@helenaroth Welcome! I give Mastodon a thumbs-up because I find friendly people and interesting content here. And there is none of what I hate, like advertising or the icky things from bad social networks.

What sort of things are you interested in? Searching for your interests in the profile directory and on might help you find accounts you would like to follow.

@helenaroth this network is huge, and i'm still figuring it out, but here's my impression so far.

depending on your host (yours being you'll see different things on your local feed and federated feed… your local feed showing you other people posting on your home server, your federated feed showing you an endless feed of global posts. it's sort of like if you could peek at the mail going through the system of email servers... everyone sending each other messages, but publicly.

very messy but very interesting.

I've noticed there are some filtering tools but I haven't tried them yet. for now i've been watching the feed now and then and engaging in conversations that catch my attention, and occasionally following someone. 🌹🕊️

@esther oh that’s such a helpful metaphor for the different feeds! Thanks a bunch!

I am enjoying these my first baby steps into the fediverse and am sure I will learn heaps!


@helenaroth Welcome to the fediverse, Helena!

A getting started tip:

When you find a moment, tell us about yourself in your bio and in an #introduction post (the hashtag makes it easy for people to find it) so folks with similar interests can follow and interact with you :)

@aral you may want to post as unlisted when presenting a hashtag to others (your post will not be in the hashtag, avoiding flooding it c:)

@helenaroth Do: be yourself. Follow: what and who you think is interesting. Don't: be shy. 🙂

@helenaroth the community a lot of us have been able to build over the 5 past years is definitely why I've stayed around.

I've learnt so much on here. 😅
And if you want you can follow me, because I try to boost a lot of cool people.

Especially if you want to be actively anti-racist, or begin learning how to.

Oh and CWs are just 😘👌

Before you follow someone, it is good practice to first read their bio and pinned posts. Sometimes there can be instructions on who can follow.

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