I late August I took the family on a surprise adventure. We went cave crawling at the Balsberget (outside Kristianstad). Scary, cramped, dark and bats. Highly recommended!


Är det galet att köpa en 35år gammal bil?

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Ikväll arrangerar projektet för fri- och öppen e-legitimation en enkel after work vid Molly Malone's, vid Odenplan på Odengatan 83. Alla är välkomna från klockan 17:00 eller droppa in senare om du har svårt att komma. Väl identifierat! Välkommen!

Mer om projektet: dfri.se/projekt/e-legitimation

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Nice day out but the weather feels oddly warm. Must be 7-9°C warmer than the usual temperatures this time of the year. #outdoors

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I laughed a little too loud...! Yep, definitly know that feeling. 😁

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Någon som har koll på vem som är admin för pixelfed.se? Bytte min epost men det verkar som att den inte kan skicka epost - och då kan jag ju inte verifiera den nya adressen…

Äntligen måndag! Spännande att se vad denna veckan har planerat för mig!

I just can’t stop to think that Musk has the most brilliant plan - I just fail to understand it. And all of a sudden it will reveal to me. But right now… well it seems like the acts of a crazy person.

Sure I can help with that Open Source Project. Realizes that last time I touched Go the year was 2014 and my memory ain’t as good as I thought…

I'm looking for book that covers development using:

1. AngularJS
2. ReactJS

Should start fairly basic and build up to covering the topics well. Coding and JS is well known. Suggestions?

I just released a new episode of Martin Uncut. Today I talk about email and the MacOS/iOS application AirMail.

Ep 118 - Jun 30 - Another Email App - AirMail


Happy Monday! I just released a new episode of Martin Uncut. Today I talk about Tim Harfords book "The Data Detective".

Ep 117 - Jun 28 - The Data Detective by Tim Harford


First, last and only episode for this week. Today I talk about the Swedish celebration around Midsummers Eve.

Ep 116 - Jun 24 - Midsummers Eve


I just released a new episode of Martin Uncut - today I talk about StackEdit in relationship to Obsidian.

Ep 115 - Jun 18 - StackEdit.io


I just published a new episode of Martin Uncut. Today I round up my long ongoing series about my keyboard and mouse.

Ep 114 - Jun 17 - Keyboard and mouse update


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