Good morning and happy Friday. New release of Martin Uncut was just release.

Ep 68 - April 9 - RødeCaster Pro Firmware Update and an Evernote Update

Hey, I'm back. A new episode of Martin Uncut was just released.

Ep 67 - April 8 - Evernote and the straw that broke the camels back

Another episode of Martin Uncut was just released. Today we are talking about Spotifys Clubhouse killer.

Ep# 63 - Mar 31 - Clubhouse killers

Another episode was just released. Sorry for the broken voice. Hopefully this cold will be gone soon:

Ep# 62 - Mar 30 - How long should an episode be?

Good morning fediverse. A new episode of Martin Uncut was just released:

Ep 61 - Mar 29 - Setting up a Minecraft server

Weekend is coming. Here is a perfect recommendation for some weekend listening. New episode of Martin Uncut was just released

Ep# 60 - Mar 26 - The Missing Crypto Queen

New statistics about podcasting. Listen to the latest episode of Martin Uncut to hear more.

Ep# 57 - Mar 23 - New global podcasting statistcs

Finally Monday morning and a new episode of Martin Uncut. Remembering a photo expedition to capture the Blackcock.

Ep 56 - Mar 22 - Good stories creates feelings

Happy Friday! New episode of Martin Uncut was just released!

Ep 55 - Mar 18 - Fixing that reference mess

Yet another episode of Martin Uncut has been released:

Ep# 54 - Mar 18 - Stoic Philosphy and time management

Listen to this episode - here I talk about Hindenburg Journalist.

Ep# 53 - Mar 17 - Test Hindenburg Journalist

Good morning everyone! I just uploaded a new episode of MartinUncut:

Ep# 50 - Mar 12 - Getting Ready To Stream

Want to learn how to do Audiograms using Photoshop, Premier Pro and After Effects? Tune in to my stream tomorrow at 4pm GMT+1:

It is a test stream to check my equipment for an upcoming event and why not do something valuable of it!

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