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I'm going crazy here. One more day of quarantine...

Thinking about building a new PC to run Linux. I like the MiniITX form factor. At least 64GB ram. Preferrably 8 core cpu. At least 500gb disk, NVMe. But there is soo many choices.

Not super easy to find, but super easy todo.

1. Go to podcastindex.org and click Developer Login
2. Create a developer account (free and takes 2min)
3. In the menu click Search/Add. Click the Add button
4. Enter the feed url


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How the heck does one get their podcast into the ? Request an IP key and submit using curl?

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New episode of Martin Uncut out. Today I moan a bit about the new privacy terms for WhatsApp and that it is time to move along to something better...


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New episode out of the podcast. Today we talked about streaming and double ending.


Anyone that can give me some suggestion for how I can record a HDMI-signal (passthrough) - oldest kid want to be able to stream when he plays (on a Switch).


Mastodon-instans på svenska. Ni måste kunna skriva ett meddelande på Svenska, Danska, Norska, Kroatiska, Slovenska eller Tyska för att få ett konto.