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Aviation’s climate impact is significant and growing fast.

But it is caused by a very small group of people.

Just 1% of people cause 50% of global aviation emissions.

#BanPrivateJets #ClimateJustice #airtravel #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #greenpeace

Brew day! 🍺

Today's brew is a Belgian strong dark ale.

11.2% target ABV, mostly pilsner malt and some candi syrup. Fermented with WLP530.

I have spent the last two days working on making good quality SVG versions of the logo/symbols for #fediverse projects and I feel like it was worth it. I think the hard/less fun part of this project is getting them out there for all to use. I am pretty unfamiliar with submitting to Wikimedia Commons that is probably the best place for them to all live

Läser att den tyngsta tonfisk som fångats vägde 411 kg.

Hur fan kan en tonfisk väga under 1000 kg?

Rädslan att bli en åsiktspolis.

Detta har tyngt mitt sinne gällande mastodon moderering på sistone, så jag valde att blogga om det så jag kunde dela mina åsikter lättare med andra admins, och mina lokala användare.

Vad tycker ni själva om ämnet? Diskutera gärna det här i denna tråden, den visas sedan på bloggen.

a lot of buildings don't have a thirteenth floor because they're not that tall

Om någon tyckte att årets julkalender var ologisk så vill jag påminna om att en bra julkalender ska ha luckor.

Oh wow!! Matt Parker’s book, Humble Pi, has page numbers that count DOWN! And now I want this in every freaking book because it’s absolute genius!!!

Idag var det sån dimma att alla grannar försvann. Lugnt och skönt.

Some questions:

- Was the bridge wearing headphones?
- Was the bridge looking at its phone?
- Was the bridge wearing enough high-viz?
- Did the bridge dart out into traffic?

This blows my mind.

A BMW 3-Series wagon feels fairly large in Amsterdam, compared to the typical European car.

But here in Canada, I see dozens of large SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator. These absolutely dwarf the BMW wagon, which looks like a small car here.

Vehicle sizes are out of control in North America. 😲

@gustav här har vi en fråga jag vill se på ledarsidorna!

This list includes the
films which have been released in
IMAX theaters

Varför kallar alla det köttbullar när det uppenbart är bollar? Köttbollar hade varit ett bättre namn.

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