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Ditching fossil fuels - fast - wasn't so hard after all: Europe dumped Russian gas, oil and coal with striking speed, moving forward its energy transition by 5 years or more - permanently swapping out previously alleged "entrenched" fossils

All in 1 year


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So all that previous “we can’t do it that fast” stuff was bollocks. Which is worth bearing in mind for all the “we can’t do it that fast” stuff that’s yet to come twitter.com/assaadrazzouk/stat

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One year ago today, Russia invaded Ukraine.

This event revealed the high cost of relying on fossil fuel imports, but renewables helped avoid a worse crisis. EU countries must build clean power more quickly to achieve lasting energy security.


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To visit an active war zone, where the US military is not in control, and days from the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion, is quite a message to Vladimir Putin. twitter.com/jimsciutto/status/

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🇺🇸 The US is breaking records in wind generation every year. As of November 2022, the US had already produced more wind generation than in ALL of 2021. 10% of US electricity came from wind over this period.

Check out our US electricity data tool:

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Bra gräv! Men ”superdepartement” kan inte vara en journalistiskt objektiv beskrivning av att regeringen lagt ner miljödepartementet och fört in det under näringsministern.

Andra departement som slås ihop beskrivs inte så

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