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Om det är någon som vill svepa en bägare eller ta en fika i Stockholm vid tillfälle så feel free att hit me up!

Mina DM är öppna och mejladressen finns här:

Lägesrapport från fågelsajten 

*klappar mig själv på axeln för att jag knappt twittrat något alls sedan februari*

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Lägesrapport från fågelsajten 

Almedalsvecka och valår.

HERREGUD vad Twitter blir infantilt då.

*stänger webbläsarfönstret*

pandemic, conspiracy, bullshit 

Someone: well some say the pandemic is a conspiracy by big pharma to reduce world population.

Me, trying to not explode: hmm… what might they gain from it? I figure pharma corps would make more money if there were lots more people alive to consume their products.

Them: well, it’s all very complicated, I’m sure there are things going on behind closed doors we can’t even begin to understand.

Me: really? like what?

Them: I dunno, anyway *changes topic*


@giffengrabber There was such a good ..tweet. toot ... something, from a foreigner venting frustration about Swedes and their jaha that could mean anything depending on context and intonation.

@giffengrabber Is that the Swedish ja-ha! or a jahaa? or a ja-ha!?

If you’re designing/developing a CMS, perhaps make sure it doesn’t spit out URLs that are 200 characters long.

Soo, we're thinking about maybe setting up some docker stuff at work, what's the best way to get started, eventually to set up a webgui for it as well so that it looks fancy for the managers?

Very cool and interesting conference currently taking place in Lille, FR:

Pass the SALT – “Building bridges between Security communities and Free Software hackers”

Just a headsup for those interested:

Thanks to Quarkslab, Mattermost now has support for E2EE.

Pretty cool!

"I 1989 reiste jeg med tog fra Oslo til Collioure i Sør-Frankrike. Da gikk jeg ned på NSBs (de het det, dengang) kontor på Oslo S og kjøpte en billett som gjaldt alle tre strekningene (Oslo-Hamburg-Geneve-Collioure). Nå har jeg vært inne på seks forskjellige nettsider (Vy, SJ, DB, ÖBB, SNCF og Renfe) for å kjøpe billetter til sju strekninger.":

I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories. With Debian Linux. These are secure machines, and coreboot is well-audited.

These computers are free as in freedom, right down to the boot firmware, booting linux/bsd on the bare metal:

My web shop is here:

I'm the author of osboot, the version of coreboot that comes installed. It replaces proprietary UEFI firmware, and has many advanced features that you can learn about here:

Nattog fra Høje Taastrup til Berlin, månedskort til tog i Tyskland for 9 euro, shit det føles fedt
#9EuroTicket #Nattog


This day will not come again.
Each minute is worth a priceless gem.
— 沢庵 宗彭

Does anyone know a good DMARC-parsing tool that is self-hosted and have a OK web-UI?

#dmarc #smtp #selfhosting

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