@txt_file @briar Briar already requires Android >= 4.1 (SDK >= 16), this implies that only Android >= 5.0 will be supported by next year.

@giffengrabber I tend to use vi(m) får "non-serious" editing. Usually when I'm in some place where it would take longer to start emacs, edit, save and exit.

@th that must be one of those iq tests "which one follows in the sequence"

@sebastian wow, we have the same atmosphere, and... *boggling*

@mc hm, not very long article. ppl still need a TL;DR? or, is it perhaps not obvious from the article what the main point is, if you're not in the in? as i'm in myself, i can't really say...

@nusenu really sounds weird, probably not only because of the way you present it. but i'd be more surprised if the community and those who actually run the forum wouldn't be up for discussing retention policies etc

@travisfw that's a nice one! i recently read that long antennas is a sign of a katydid. Grasshoppers would have shorter

@samuel nice, och åtminstone inga kakor vad jag kan se.

@samuel oh I really wonder, will we see a Year of XMPP...

That led me to an XMPP provider kb.above.im/ run by above-agency.com/ who apparently sells rather costly refurbished pixel devices, with a choice of Calyx or Graphene OS. And optionally with a "above security suite", which uses the above mentioned (pun intended) XMPP server.

@mynameismwd Aha, och du bor i den stan. Ståtlig byggnad!

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