This account will not be active anymore 😔. But my Mastodon career continues. It's the same for

New Account coming soon: @fotbollssmurfen@mastodon.nu

Salihamidzic: “We wanted Cancelo at Bayern since 4 years ago. We spoke to Mendes, he knew I wanted João”, tells @cfbayern@twitter.com. 🔴🇵🇹

“I got the signal of Cancelo available on the market last Sunday - the deal went very quickly. Persistence paid off”.

I started working on Mastodon when I was 23, and now I'm 30

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Forget my last tweet! HERE WE GO! MARTINEZ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 LICHA!


Comment your favourite club 🔥⚽ in the comments! 👇

A heartbreaking draw for United. I watched the 1st half. I had to follow the 2nd via Twitter (as had meetings) and felt a pit in my stomach when I saw tweets flashing about CP’s equalizer.

That said gotta keep perspective. Top-4 & maybe a tourney trophy has been the realistic goal 4 ETH’s Reds this year & I will take #MUFC’s current position after 19 games in a heartbeat. Casimero’s yellow was disappointing but it’s football.

Got nothing to lose this Sunday. Hope we play fearless. #UTFR 🔴⚫️⚪️

TOMORROW is going to be a DAY:

⚽️ 4:30 am PT: #MUFC vs Man City #GGMU 🔴⚪️⚫️
🏈 1:30 pm PT: Seattle vs #SanFrancisco #49ers #FTTB
🏀 5:00 pm PT: Colorado vs #UCLA #GoBruins 💙🐻💛

Thank god for a 3 day weekend bc chores will have to wait for another day. Let's gooooo!

Who's the best goalkeeper for United last year?
Is it Dave?

should take an easy win tonight over Charlton, but will it be so easy? What do you all think gonna happen in tonights game? Write why in the comments 👇


Leicester City 🦊 🆚 ⚪ Fulham

Arsenal ✈️🔴 🆚 🇸🇦🍰 Newcastle

Everton 🏰🔵 🆚 🔵⚪ Brighton

Manchester United 👹🆚 🍒 Bournemouth

What are the results?


Den här är från 2014 men Messi har bara fortsatt på samma nivå. Fotbollsvärlden var typ skyldig Messi ett guld fivethirtyeight.com/features/l

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