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Totally safe for pregnant women. Totally safe. And free doughnuts! :justno:

“no obvious safety signals among pregnant [women] who received Covid-19 vaccines” even though it published a table which showed that 82% of women in the study who were injected with either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine during early pregnancy lost their babies.

@reuters_worldnews The heat seems to be from the fires, not the other way around.
Large wildfire northwest of Kamloops prompts expanded evacuations, now covers 4,000 hectares.

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So I'm running #Guix System, with #Emacs as a window manager (#EXWM). I use #Arch LXC containers to run software I don't want on my main system (in particular some video call apps which shall remain unnamed). Shepherd is my init system, mcron is my cron daemon. Everything is working like a dream, to be a honest I expected a much worse user experience.

Here's a screenshot to prove my words. Just Emacs with Firefox in it, showing the Guix manual. Not particularly sexy or anything, but working in exactly the way I wanted, and that's splendid 😇

@Capheind I managed to get rid of the constantly flashing ads through configurations in Firefox. Most pages work without them, but not all.

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@Capheind Web standards are made complicated and fast-evolving for a reason: Kill competition. So yes, the browser scene is completely f****d up.

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Is there an open source browser that doesn't harvest my organs for google, that isn't attached to a dying organization, that isn't just a clone of one of those likely to share its fate, and that isn't operated by creepy crypto dorks? like anything? Is it just dillo? Am I stuck with Dillo?

@amolith @Cambria @manton @jbauer It's fun with ZFS, but if you just want a common storage at home it is overkill, of course. You can just use MDADM with any Linux for that.

@amolith @Cambria @manton @jbauer I was using ZFS some years ago with two disks and 4GB of RAM. I did have any problems, but this might have changed. I did not use any advanced functions. Just a mirrored disk of 1GB.

@jbauer @Cambria @amolith There is a risk that when it rebuilds the mirror you get a disk read error? We use scrubbing to prevent it, but it could happen? Yes, I understand that disks today can run many years without an error and that the risk is small, at least if you throw the disk when they start giving hardware errors. Maybe there is also some ZFS hack you can use for this case.

@jbauer @Cambria @amolith Yes. I'd guess 4Gb is little if you want to use ZFS with deduplication. I also don't know how ZFS handles the situation if you get a disk fault when one disk is broken. I'd guess you'd need to recover using a backup. Linux MDADM should handle that more gracefully.

@jbauer @Cambria @amolith So, it would be half of the corresponding normal PC memory bandwith, which must be huge compared to the 100 MB/s you can get from two disks and the 80 MB/s you can transfer over 1 GB/ethernet.

@jbauer @Cambria @amolith Yes. I guess it's a 32 bit memory interface and dual channel. Two memory chips to make up the 4GB memory. Rockchip RK3399 Datasheet.

@jbauer I used FreeNAS for a while. I think it's cool. NAS4free should be an alternative.

@jbauer You want to use any advanced features like deduplication?

@jbauer I bought a used NAS with the Asrock Rack C2550D4I motherboard and the Silverstone DS380 chassi. The chassi is noisy and the cooling in it questionable, but Id' expect the motherboard to be good for a NAS.

@jbauer How do you plan to connect the disks and how do you want to access them? How many and what kind of disks? In which RAID configuration? What kind of software do you plan to use? Which performance do you expect?

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