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Totally safe for pregnant women. Totally safe. And free doughnuts! :justno:

“no obvious safety signals among pregnant [women] who received Covid-19 vaccines” even though it published a table which showed that 82% of women in the study who were injected with either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine during early pregnancy lost their babies.

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So I'm running #Guix System, with #Emacs as a window manager (#EXWM). I use #Arch LXC containers to run software I don't want on my main system (in particular some video call apps which shall remain unnamed). Shepherd is my init system, mcron is my cron daemon. Everything is working like a dream, to be a honest I expected a much worse user experience.

Here's a screenshot to prove my words. Just Emacs with Firefox in it, showing the Guix manual. Not particularly sexy or anything, but working in exactly the way I wanted, and that's splendid 😇
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Sen i somras har jag och mina kollegor arbetat med ett särskilt regeringsuppdrag för att göra det enklare för äldre att använda digitala tjänster och verktyg. Nu har våra erfarenheter samlats i en rapport.


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@erlhel @Pixley I don't care about that dude, I might have real problems with spirits from beyond the grave!

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"Towards A Communal Software Movement"…


[ . . . ] it is not the freedom of machines we are concerned with, but the freedom of humans [ . . . ]
[ . . . ] It is not sufficient to narrowly focus on the people who directly interact with the computers that the software runs on. [ . . . ]
[ . . . ] we should carefully consider the motivational structures of the institutions which fund software development. [ . . . ]
[ . . . ] We do not emphasize source code in our political discourse because we recognize that creating high quality software requires much more than writing code. [ . . . ]


#CommunalSoftware #CommunalSoftwareMovement

This is a beautiful text.


/by @be @josias @alcinnz
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Fedora 34 beta release is here with exciting improvements!

A new i3 spin? That's interesting! @fedora

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There is currently a campaign that tries to raise money to improve #Anbox (an Android emulator) on #ubuntutouch.

#Volla has already donated a thousand Euros to kick things of and the campaign has raised 1500€ 💸 so far.

This is a good start, but they need at least 6000€ to hire a freelancer 💻️.

If you are a #FOSS or #Linux enthusiast, please consider donating and help to make #linuxonmobile happen.

Donate at:

Thank you ♥️

(boosts appreciated):ac_laughter:

RHEL is lost and with it Fedora? In practice maybe the whole RPM distribution system?

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Is there any free and open source distribution that is not infiltrated? CIA inside?

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Oh, neat, thank you. Unfortunately for such data to be meaningful it’s necessary to have statistics on how often the condition occurs in population. I’m way too busy to look the data up at the moment, but might do it later.

Also, we don’t have astrazeneca’s vaccine here, only hardcore sputnik. And I am yet to see any data - 3rd phase ends in May.

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