I didn’t expect deriving a calculation for how much a level in a biconical wizard’s tower narrows from the floor to the ceiling would be part of the prep for the final chapter of our campaign, but here we are. Using pythagoran triplets made it especially easy, but the cool part was having the simplicity of it all dawning on me in the shower.

Also looks like someone at the UK's Royal Astronomical Society set up a Mastodon account and is crafting custom posts for it, but it only has ~300 followers compared with their >50K on Twitter:


I see this all too often -- major public/nonprofit organizations set up shop here, but don't know how to best cross-link/promote it, so the accounts get kind of lost. If you care about #astronomy & like their work, give them a boost or follow :)

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@Bdellar @devl

A zillion years ago, I read of an experiment where the intro programming class was divided in two. One part learned iteration first; the other learned recursion.

The recursion people found iteration confusing.

The iteration people found recursion confusing.

The story is probably too good to be true.

"Meet me in the middle," says the unjust man.

You take a step toward him. He takes a step back.

"Meet me in the middle," says the unjust man.

#Browsers, time to bring back the RSS/Atom feed icon displayed when a website has an RSS/Atom feed. :rss:

It's long past-due!

Faithless lead singer Maxi Jazz dies aged 65

Oh jeez not another one. This is so sad 😥


Is there an intrinsic reason why some of the `Enumerator` subclasses (e.g. `Enumerator::Chain`, `Enumerator::Product`) can’t implement `#next`? It feels surprising to have an `Enumerator` instance which doesn’t support external iteration, but I might be missing some obvious detail.

>> innings = Enumerator::Product.new(1..9, ['top', 'bottom'])

>> innings.is_a?(Enumerator)
=> true

>> Enumerator.instance_methods.include?(:next)
=> true

>> innings.next
(irb):in `<main>': undefined method `next'

@marick@social.oddly-influenced.dev Longer comments will be blog posts, like: crustofcode.com/bricolage/

I might also copy topics into the show notes, but I don't know what would work best.

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So the other day, I took my soonish-to-be-passed-along team of mostly junior devs on a spin in functional(-ish) programming land (as far as Python allows it). Maybe, just maybe, they’ll start to see the filters, the maps, and the reduces hiding in all those list comprehensions they reach for by default.

Don’t get me wrong. Comprehensions are a useful abstraction. When you know what they abstract.

I love that everyone is basically wandering around Mastodon right now wearing their weirdest hashtags and trying to find their people.

"Are you #Apiarist ?"
"No, sorry, I'm #ArduinoMusic ."

#ArduinoMusic turns around.


A hand goes up in the back of the crowd.


When you refactor during a change, you make the change bigger.

When you refactor before the change, you make the change smaller.

- in a talk by Jason Swett

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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★ Just published a new episode of Oddly Influenced: /Talking About Machines/: copier repair technicians and story-telling.


Bonus: a dumb thing I did once.

Little FYI, I will NOT sell mstdn.social, masto.ai or mastodon.coffee NO MATTER WHAT.

I don't give a sh*t about money. Paying the bills is okay but that's it.

This place is much more important and no money in the world can buy that away from me

A promise I made over and over and again this time ❤️

With the release of ExDoc Cheatsheets, we thought it would be a good time to recap and show other 8 ExDoc features that make the documentation experience in Elixir such a joy: https://elixir-lang.org/blog/2022/12/22/cheatsheets-and-8-other-features-in-exdoc-that-improve-the-developer-experience/ (plus two bonus entries!)

By @hugobarauna! #MyElixirStatus
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