@nilcodina@twitter.com presenting their "Agenda Island" project, related to Agenda 2030 goals.

Vad är civic tech? Vad är möjligt med civic tech? @elenorweijmar studerande på Change Course har jobbat med @civictechse och gjort
podcasten "Ready, Set, Civic Tech" som finns att lyssna på Spotify och Acast. Vi får blandannat höra programdesignern på Change Course!

Change Course participant Terhi Nurminen recently held a TEDx talk in Prague about education!

How to build the best school in the world? | Terhi Nurminen | TEDxPragueED

Watch it here: invidio.us/watch?v=My-69ekCk_Y

Or here: youtube.com/watch?v=My-69ekCk_

Hello World! We're now bridged from Mastodon to Twitter as well!

Hello ! We are - courses on in educating people on how to take on and try to solve the issues that matters to them and society.


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