After an intense first week we started off the second week yesterday with participants at and learning how to use , and commons to their advantage and make impact! How do you use and to make the world a better place?

We're back from the summer holidays and the participants for and are here for their first day getting to know each other, school and campus grounds! Beautiful day to start off!

We are again impressed with the applications for we received and processed during this second year of running. But first - summer vacation! We'll be taking time off and will be slow to reply here and in our chat. Looking forward to the start of the next semester!

We're so happy to host a two week entrepreneurial course with awesome participants from! Supporting the mission of democratizing success!

Only a few hours left until our second application window closes! Apply to and learn how to work on developing what matters to you!

Näst sista dagen innan ansökningsrundan stänger! Sök till med start ! Ansök här för att lära dig att utveckla det som är viktigt för dig i världen:

Four days left until our second application window closes on June 12th! Still a good amount of time to make your application!

After really nice sessions and during we are ending off today's with a live set featuring DJ and a ! Thanks to everyone who joined in to learn and party!

Join in for tomorrow's . One of the workshops is "Event : The art of in crafting events" by Marciana Pantiru. Whether you plan to an or take your attendees on an , this workshop is the right place to be.

Saturday's will be great fun with online workshops! Ugnė Lisaskaute will hold a practical workshop, with elements of and .

What is ? The Flow State is the feeling you get when working with strong , and good energy levels.

Let our very own Johan T. Leion enlighten you this Saturday with his , & and learn how to approach issues & problems using causal loops to pinpoint the spot where the smallest amount of pressure will present the biggest .

During our third online workshop on Sat May 30th, Elenor Weijmar will describe the value with . She will teach you how to use it for the benefit of your . You will also be introduced to the platform where you can make your own requests for information from the government - simple and easy.

of possibilities is a one-day . A journey to different realms and an to yourself. We believe that human beings are able to a better world that is more just, and flourishing. Join in - it's free!

This Saturday, we will introduce you to two: "Of problems, simple to chaotic and in-between". Hosted by our very own Terhi Nurminen, she will help us understand where simple are not enough and change is needed instead! Join in the fun!

We're opening up for a 2nd round of applications to ! Learn to run your own project of radical change. Apply here:

Learn from our current students projects this Saturday during !

We're looking forward to the online workshop "How media shapes us" by Nil Codina Martinez during ! One hour of diving into the questions around media, such as - What is media today? How does the change its scope? How can we leverage the power of communication? Join in!

This coming Saturday we welcome you to our session: "Turning an ocean liner should never take more than 15 minutes.". Exploring the challenges around the crisis and the question - What can _we_ do about it? Sign up and get inspired:

Today it is less than a week until you can join us for our online conference on May 30th. Become an Agent of Change! What challenge would you like to take on?

Learn Skills for Radical Change with us participants at during our online conference. Live on Saturday May 30th! Sign up:

The future can't wait (and neither can you, we know)!

So get ready for a day packed with initiatives from ! Sign up at

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