Förra veckan gick konferensen Future of Democracy av stapeln. I deras feed finns många bra korta föredrag och panelsamtal på temat. För egen del var jag i en panel med Google och Meta om hur vi ser på det digitala offentliga rummet och techföretagens roll. Mest spännande var nog inspelet på cybersäkerhetstemat direkt från Ukraina.


Today I lectured in Lidingö, at a business event, using a presentation proposed and written by the AI GPT-3, and with illustrations made with DALLE 2. I decided, curated and presented. Co-working with AI as a storyteller clearly makes thing smore interesting. :)

Idag skriver jag tillsammans med flera andra på Dagens Samhälle om samhällets digitalisering och behovet av ledarskap.


Ctrl-Z - Great lecture from by Mikko Hypponen on cyber security and war - the current situation and future thoughts.


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Something I hadn't realised now that I'm logged out of Twitter is that on mobile Twitter has become a closed system. If you get a link to a tweet and scroll for just a bit, you get a message requiring you to create account/log in to see more.

They're going the FB route: unusable unless logged in.

This behavior started about 10 months ago. The previous default was that Twitter was open to read for everyone. Can't believe I had missed this. Makes leaving even more of a no-brainer.

Häromdagen blev jag inbjuden till podden Digitalsamtal med Anders Thoresson, en podd jag själv var med att skapa en gång i tiden. Inbjudna var jag och Jannike Tillå på Internetstiftelsen, och samtalet kom att handla om demokratin, internet och framtiden.


On Monday June 13 I'm participating in a panel at the conference Future of Democracy, in Helsingborg. The panel is on the topic of how to strengthen democracy in a digital age, and how to organise and develop our public digital infrastructure, and private places where public conversation is prolific. I'm joined in the panel by representatives from large platform companies.

What most pressing topics would you suggest me to raise? Who are the most important stakeholders that can create change?

I am honored to be chosen by the Nordic ministers of culture to be one of thirteen experts in a new Nordic think tank. The think tank will take a closer look at the tech giants’ influence on democracy in the Nordic Region and come up with proposals for solutions.

The think tank will carry out the work over the course of the next 12 months, and will result in a presentation of its recommendations in the first half of 2023. 

So all thoughts and comments are welcome!



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