Y'all can all start referring to me as "the electricity baron".

Hej, jag är från Villaägarnas Riksförening, jag skulle vilja lämna den här viktiga informationen inför ditt husköp.

FYI, just found a tiny link at the bototm of Plurasight called "Don't sell my data" and clicked it and, well...

I don't want to dunk on this guy in particular, but this is the result of a lot of indie hacking advice being basically MLM for bros.

It's all "Grow you mailing list! Fake landing page! Ramen profitable!" while ignoring business 101 stuff like "you need to pay taxes".

Hoppas det här slutar innan barnen flyttar hemifrån (de är 10 och 8 nu).

”Buy solar panels”, they said.

“It’ll be profitable!”, they said.

Unpopular opinion: the American style chemically yellow plastic cheese is the supreme burger cheese.

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