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Brief :

- Product manager in the industry, based in Stockholm

- Musician and enthusiast

- Used to compose for indie games
- Unhealthy interest in and
- Particularly fond of , , , and
- Enjoys discovering new vegetarian food
- Adopted a Sphynx cat that I love more than people

- Often in too deep in new interests

- The heart beats to the left

I won't share pseudo-marketing for what I do at work that often, but I think it's really cool Slow Magic uses the software we make so...

Check it out:

I want to make a test on the % reach a post can have in terms of people in other servers. Are you seeing this post on or another server? (Appreciate if you can boost this).


• Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
• Fire Emblem Awakening
• Omega Five
• R-Type Final
• Diablo II
• Kirby Super Star
• Final Fantasy IX
• Um Jammer Lammy
• Zaccaria Pinball
• Armored Core 4

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This is much more important than stupid movies and it was nearly impossible to get it down to seven.

• The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
• Final Fantasy VII
• Final Fantasy XIV
• Jade Cocoon
• Pokémon Silver
• Space Giraffe
• Rez

Obsolete Sounds is the world’s biggest collection of disappearing sounds and sounds that have become extinct.

Check out these dying #sounds

Spirited Away
Kung Pow
Good Will Hunting
Truman Show
Toy Story
Rumble in the Bronx

This thing is cute. Also this would be a terribly strange festival line-up.

Today's is the viral funkiness of Vulfmon. Just honest to goodness grooves. Nearly impossible not to tap along.

Bowie: Hey, I wrote this cool new song about a guy called Ziggy Stardust. He's just amazing - great ass, big nob, the best at playing guitar, and his band are all jealous of how awesome and popular he is.

Bowie's band: Okay...

Bowie: Also, I want you to call me Ziggy Stardust now.

The best thing about having a is that I have an easy way to play Space Giraffe, this lovely, cuddly psychedelic shooter by @llamasoft_ox ! I used to sit in my room in the middle of the night and play this for hours on end back on Xbox 360.

It turned me on to Jeff’s games and I eventually even had the honor to make two tracks of music for TxK/Tempest 4000. 🐏

Photos of the TV won’t do it justice, so here’s someone’s video of Space Giraffe:

Hey FF8 fans! I've ported my twitter bot @ff8script to Mastodon. Enjoy a random line from the FF8 Script every couple of hours!

Can now comfortably get to the moon in on with no tickets or other equipment used.

Some more practice and I should be able to trigger Endless! Love a good in the morning. 💥

Still playing off and on between other games and loving it. I’ve now made it to the moon without any tickets or the rocket engine! I guess in this that counts as 1CC.

Still too chaotic trying to survive, so haven’t triggered Endless Mode yet. 🫠

Today’s (and also what’s playing while I’m making dinner) is DISCO PRINCE by Kenji Ninuma from the We Love Katamari soundtrack. in other words.

Lovably bitcrushed synth disco beat with Japanese rap. You might not understand the lyrics, but there’s no denying they make everything better.

Take a listen:

@gabrieldeleon Appreciating your futile efforts to make the rest of the 8-4 crew not hate/insult/be confused about Mastodon 😅

8-4 Play 11/25/2022: TURKEY SURVIVORS

Kyoto’s reigning turducken champ and 17-Bit head honcho Jake Kazdal joins us straight from the dinner table in Kyoto to talk about Somerville, Vampire Survivors, Pokemon S&V, the upcoming Game Awards, and plenty more!

I really quite like Scarlet. Exploring is really fun, the systems are great, and even the characters are interesting. It’s too bad it runs like excrement… but it’s been easy enough to look past so far

Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

@mojilove Thanks for making the Illvelo Swamp video! I love the Milestone/RS34 games but was a bit hesitant to import Swamp/Swag due to how text heavy they are. Played the digital localized Radirgy Swag a lot though. :)

After your video, the physical is on its way and I’m excited to play!

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