Last week I thought that I will never get a job in dev. Everything felt so hopeless.

This week three companies was very interested in me and I had really good interviews.

On Monday, I will start working at the company I have hoped for the most since I first read their job ad.

Wow, on monday I'm a paid web developer😀😱

@annasara 👏 🥳
Gånge dig väl i ditt nya värv. 👍 🙂

@annasara congrats! Every new job is hard at first, don't be afraid to ask questions.

@g they said that I should ask ask ask and that I will do😁

@annasara you probably shouldn't ask each question as it comes up, unless it's stopping you from making progress.

@annasara thats fantastic! Do you know what tools and stuff you'll be using? All the best for the start, it will sometimes be frustrating and daunting, but the fun never stops.

@dch I will be working in php, some Wordpress, design, other frontend stuff and in the future I can start doing backend as well 🤗

@annasara nice! Design is not something I'm good at. I have started doing a very small bit by cheating with & but nothing particularly usable atm. I found by @kev a more useful starting point for seeing something take share, and still using the basic html I'm more familiar with. He's done some neat stuff recently with WP themes, being a great example.

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