Sometimes I wish that I started my webdev journey before life with three kids, so I could sit up all night and code or code all weekend. 😁 I have so many code-project and learning I want to do but not enough time. Maybe I should take a code-vacation? 😁

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@annasara the idea of a vacation just to hack on something for a weekend/week... yes please!

@annasara I am totally in favor of this as a general concept. Is there anyone who'd be able to take care of the kids for a day or two? Would they be old enough to understand why mommy has to code?

@trishalynn A code-vacation is easily fixed, my husband takes the kids (I should really plan one). It would also be nice to do some of our code-projects together for a weekend or so but that is harder. If me and my husband could we would very much like to have someone take care of the kids more often, but with not so many relatives and friends and all living pretty far away is not that easy 😁 but things can change in the future.😊

Why not @annasara, then you’d immediately stop wishing that 😁 All nighters only sound fun when you’re not doing it.

@cnx maybe that's true 😁 Better to wish for that weekend of code then 😁

yup same energy here. i beleive free software is only made by people who are child free :D

i can only contribute on things that dont need to be in The Zone for hours straight

@annasara this resonates a lot with me right now! I am trying to cram some very basic studying (like proper typing, how to learn what when how and who to ask what) to become a programmer into every free minute that I'm not needed (and connecting with my partner is free time but very much needed), so progress seems slow. From July, my partner will start a new job and I get to be full-time parent AND plan to turn my professional life into that of a yet to be determined programmer.

@annasara and we have only ONE kid. So that's gonna be exciting to figure out how to have all the experience with my kid AND basically build a completely new career. But coding is the first fun thing that seems to check all my boxes, so will probably be great (I hope). Why didn't I start that earlier? :D How do you two do it with three kids? Loads of scheduling and planning?

@jc Wonderful to find something you really enjoy doing! Wish you the best of luck! 😊 My journey to web developer has been pretty slow. My intrest for code begun when our youngest was a baby so that's why I didn't start earlier. I started my journey with taking fristanding remote courses at different universities, I studied before the children got Up in the morning, during naps and sometimes on the evenings....

@jc ...Since a year ago all three children attend school/kindergarten and I now have time to study during the day, but not all school work is coding so I would like to have more time for just coding. :)

I hope you find a way to study 😊

@annasara thank you for your very kind words :) and yes, I think that with dedication and time and (... you know:D) things will work out. And you will also find your code-cation!

@annasara I run code evenings at my work. The idea is to allow people to get together to bounce ideas off each other, or discuss blockers you are having.

However it also give people the mindset to schedule in time for coding on their own projects.

Of course I understand that it's not that simple for most people, but I found scheduling time helps focus and progression on my projects.

@lynxz That sounds very fun!😊

I agree with you that scheduling time for projects is key 😊 I have time every afternoon/evening when I code on my own projects but the time is pretty short so every project takes time 😊

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