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"JavaScript arrays are best described as arrays."

Thanks, w3schools.

#webdev #javaScript #wisdomOfTheDay

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Vad betyder katten på denna skylten? 🐈

Dela gärna vidare…

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I have always been bad at taking breaks when I study / work 😅 I think I need help taking breaks😁. Maybe a good computer application? Do you have any suggestions for an application that I can use?

Today I tried a linux application, KTeaTime, but I want some alternatives 😊

Last week I thought that I will never get a job in dev. Everything felt so hopeless.

This week three companies was very interested in me and I had really good interviews.

On Monday, I will start working at the company I have hoped for the most since I first read their job ad.

Wow, on monday I'm a paid web developer😀😱

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Number of currently open tabs in the web browser on my laptop: 1


It's getting crowded on the balcony. We probably sowed too much again this year 😆

Now we start to see chili fruits, soon to be ripe tomatoes and small physalis flowers/fruits.🤗


I use PopOS on my laptop but have had a lot of problems of various kinds and am not completely satisfied so now I will get another distribution. Do you have any suggestions for distros that you are happy with? 😊

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I've just discovered how fun it is to work with public APIs. Good addition to my "learning I do until I get a job"-list. 😊

Found a nice list with public APIs:

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#Dandellions. Post 1 of probably 145? Well, not quite, will try to weed it out a bit and only do 4-5 posts. But they're so fascinating. #florespondence #macrophotography

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