Open Source is a double-edged sword. It is a betrayal and a watering-down of Free Software ideology, but it is also a Free Software double agent.

Each day, another poster on Medium discovers that "true Open Source" has been "lost", without realizing that what they heard was "Open Source", but what they wanted was Free Software.

It's easy to be smug toward them, but I think it's better to be happy. Less "told you so" and "get off my lawn", and more "You're one of today's lucky 10'000!" #xkcd1053

I think their cries are testament to the pro-Free Software strategy of Open Source working. How do we gently introduce them to the rest of "true Open Source", a.k.a. Free Software?

... and get them off Medium?

one of those days where you wake up with a headache and keep walking into things

Ju mer filosofi jag läser, desto mer tänker jag att jag inte vill vara psykolog utan lärare.

Synd att jag nästan är 50.

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