"So you just adopted them?" the princess said.
"When they failed to defeat me," the dragon said, "they all said they couldn't return home in shame."
"You can't hoard princes."
"I'm not trying to. But someone must look after them. Anyway, do you see your brother?"
"That one!"
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My desk does double duty as a coleus* garden. 7 different sorts now.

Coleus = palettblad på svenska

I was talking about sock knitting and sock fit last week, and then I wanted to knit myself socks. I didn't have a good dk sock pattern for myself, so I knit three socks total to develop the pattern.

Our qualitative user feedback has informed us that hijacking the "Back" button makes it difficult for users to exit the page. Our telemetry has informed us that this causes users to spend more time using our website, which means users like it.
Once again, quantitative metrics reveal the Hidden Truths in the hearts of our users. /s

I mentioned that my partner has hurt his wrist. Well, it means he isn't cooking, and it means I get to eat bread and cheese for dinner and I am DELIGHTED. I eat a hot lunch most days and am not big on dinner, this is much better to me. 😄

My partner has an inflammation in his wrist and bought a brace in desperation because of the pain. He (rightly) refuses to do things where he must use it (dishes, cooking, unpacking), as it hurts and it needs rest.

I have a similar condition in my wrist and shoulder and have had to keep going during packing up the flat and the unpacking we've done so far. There was no space for me to rest/not use it.

But we seriously need a discussion later about me doing chores with it while he gets to rest.

My summer holidays are normally a list of finished stuff, but that hasn't really happened this year. But! On my last night of vacation I got a shawl off the needles.

Pattern is Kajo by AnnaJohanna

Bygden har under pandemin haft relativt låg smittspridning, men nu som restriktionerna är släppta och folk har rest på semestrar och agerat som vanligt är det hög smittspridning att döma av hur många jag vet om som är sjuka samtidigt (det har inte hänt förut). Jag är 1)irriterad 2)vill inte alls åka tåg till sthlm och hänga i ett litet rum med kollegor från hela landet om 2 veckor

gender and white supremacy 

In "This Arab is Queer", Zeyn Joukhadar wrote: "Because the cisgender binary is an invention of white supremacy, white bodies are the only 'correctly' gendered bodies within the logic of whiteness -- all other bodies are foils. I've discovered on my own skin that the trappings of Western masculinity invoke Whiteness by design. Button-down shirts; boots once worn by the British to colonize my ancestors; expectations of a certain kind of corporate-friendly haircut."

May I introduce Agatha II. She squeaks if you poke her when she stands still, but she rolls well. Need some saddle bag type bags for grocery shopping.

Bike procured! Now I need to get bags for it so I can take it grocery shopping.

Tomorrow we go to buy a bicycle for the household. Until I can afford an e-bike it'll be mine, then A's.

@cadxdr I have been told that US-Americans don't like being called US-Americans either. So that's two terms you may wanna avoid: US-American and USian. Don't call USians, aka US-Americans, USians. And don't call USians, aka US-Americans, US-Americans either

More sanity from my home country: Māori tribal leaders & their advisers call for data sovereignty, to take back control of what is theirs. Cited is "an intergenerational approach to data, as a taonga (treasure)"

Self-hosting is included as a strategy, servers at home & on the marae (meeting house).

This initiative can be seen as a form of infrastructural de-colonisation, reclaiming what has been lost to the digital imperialism of AWS, Microsoft & other 'cloud' giants


In Sweden there's a thing of putting "grillkrydda", bbq spice mix, on fries. We try to remember to tell them not to, but sometimes we forget and sometimes they forget we said it. Result is I now have duck lips from allergy.

Note to self: no longer mildly allergic.

Had a dream that I was a line tech again, working through a backlog of hundreds of broken printers and mid 90s PCs.

It was actually kind of fun.

Anything can be nostalgic if seen from far enough away and at the proper angle.

So my blog is at Blogger because eeeh that's where I started it 2007. Supposedly Blogger now supports https but I.Cannot.Get.It.To.Work. Blogger says I've not access to turn it on. Blogger also doesn't have great built in accessibility tools, that is, there's none.

I need to consider a move.

Calling a kid's preference for talking to people through the computer an internet addiction is an awesome way to pathologize their neurodiversity

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