this month i finally completed my extreme rainbow checkmate crochet dress 🌈🌈🌈

#crochet #art

Greetings! The #FastenOffYAL is a virtual stitchalong event happening RIGHT NOW until the end of December 31 (EST, UTC -5)!

The yarnalong's theme is the inclusive and accessible promotion of indie #crochet and #knitting designers (including #loomKnitting and #tunisianCrochet). Full details at our website (see profile link)!

We're currently in the discount period of the event, where you can get 25% off a selection of patterns with the code FO2022. Go shopping here:

Maybe people who meditate one hour/day are happier because they live a life that affords them one hour/day to meditate

Suddenly, they realize their view isn't as "normal" nor is it as comfortable as it once was.

Twitter has been ground zero for transphobia. It's getting worse. You could argue that transphobia is the single biggest factor motivating Musk to buy the platform.

23 souls and countless families were ruined yesterday, in Colorado Springs, a place long known for rote LGBT bigotry.


Straight cis men often don't listen to people outside their bubble. I have kids. I like to fish, do carpentry, smoke brisket and watch football.

As sad as it is, transphobes don't listen to trans people. But me, regular dude; they get taken aback when I speak up. Most people are comfortable being bigots to me. (Did I tell you I spent years in oil and gas?)

A simple "that isn't cool" in real life is like a dagger


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I need a new kindle book for the train trips the coming days. Any suggestions?

Wide net by not suggesting what I want, I have found favourites in unexpected suggestions before.

This year's #FastenOffYAL has started. The event supports independent #Knitting and #crochet designers. This year there are 109 participating designers and 3,500 patterns available to purchase at a discount. I grabbed a copy of the Winter Solace Socks by Dana Rae Makes.

WOW. This is a stunning pattern (part of the #FastenOffYAL). I think @emilyknits needs to see it, for *reasons*.

Haha va. Mitt under COP27 flög Ebba Busch till ett franskt slott, BETALAT AV TIMBRO, för att diskutera "Hur vården kan bli mer marknadsstyrd" TILLSAMMANS MED KRY. Helvete vad genomkorrupt

Flowchart: Visibility of a tweet 

Enough people used my flowchart on the visibility of a toot as a an example of “how complex Mastodon is”, that I just had to make one on the visibility of a tweet.

The visibility of a tweet is always unpredictable. A post on Mastodon appears chronologically in a transparent and predictable way.

Just sayin' 😜


Is it just me or has the knitting group become subject to spam? :(

I got a new friend yesterday. I had to throw out a lot of plants around the move, but here is one replaced!

And he's back, and enjoying the sun after rearranging the pillows (he was grabbing them in his mouth and moving them around to get comfy)

Ja, absolut, självklart är det fysiska mötet fantastiskt. Men att ständigt tjata om hur fantastiskt mycket bättre det är att mötas ”IRL”, och därmed nedvärdera den digitala gemenskapen, är att bidra till exkludering av alla som i högsta grad upplever det digitala samtalet som verkligt och meningsfullt, kanske livsviktigt, och som pga fysiska eller kognitiva funktionshinder, och/eller ekonomiska skäl, inte kan eller vill mötas och trängas i en fysisk lokal.

One of my favourite knitting designers have temporarily, for a few days this week, republished a lot of their discontinued patterns.

My feeling right now is of a cat preparing to strike: activate wigglebutt.exe. Then POUNCE. *Rolls on the floor clutching an armful of hat patterns*

It's so obvious that it's ok for things to not be profit maximizing that it's sort of absurd to think that someone would think that someone would say that things must be profit maximizing, and I think that if you asked the people writing the comments I'm referring to, they'd agree in the abstract that it's ok to not maximize profit.

This is the really insidious thing about absorbing values from the environment around you.

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At a meta level, something I find mildly interesting is how many people are writing stuff on Mastodon about how it's impossible for Mastodon to scale up without using an ad supported model (b/c server costs), it's better to have ranked feeds because most people want them, etc.

The thing I think is interesting is that the people writing this stuff, implicitly, seemingly cannot conceive of a model where the organization is not growth and profit maximizing.

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