Varför ställde Tegnell & Tegmark Wisell in den accepterade intervjun efter att ha fått frågorna tillsända sig? Blev frågorna för jobbiga att besvara eller vad!? @Folkhalsomynd En MYNDH som ansvarat för värsta hälsosituation med många döda vill inte svara på frågor? @jakobforssmed

The John Snow Project

Here are 5 key things everyone needs to know
- COVID-19 has not gone away #CovidIsNotOver
- The virus spreads in the air #COVIDisAirborne
- All infections can cause serious problems
- Everyone is vulnerable
- We can reduce our risk

Swedish CDC (FHM) Okay to go to work w runny nose

Swedish CDC has done it again! Announced today that people don't need to stay home anymore if they feel a bit cold, have a runny nose, headache, or similar. It's geniusly! 🇸🇪 secures 1st position regarding deathtoll

This is an excellent article summing up all the most recent studies. It shows again & again, that Covid is dangerous to adults AND children. That it causes tremendous disability. I have been saying this from the start. It’s not the mortality of #covid that worries me, it’s the morbidity, or disability that it causes. You DO NOT let a novel virus, that we know NOTHING about, rampage across the globe 🙄.

Omni - Överdödlighet i Sverige sedan luciaveckorna

En starkt bidragande orsak är ”den omfattande smittspridningen av luftvägsvirus, bland dem covid-19 och influensa”, skriver Folkhälsomyndigheten

Överdödlighet i Sverige sedan luciaveckorna

You realize this is how it's going to play out, right?

Just like Australia here cases will continue to go unreported (as there is no testing), but - as covid is nowhere near being over - deaths will continue to increase and nothing. will. be. done.

Also 'other' diseases, caused by covid, like heart conditions, stroke and cancer will continue to go up, but. nothing. will. be. done.

Most won't even understand it.

#AAIDS #covid #SARS2 #SARS3 #CovidIsNotOver

Agnes Wold the Swedish doctor and professor of clinical bacteriology at the Sahlgrenska Academy University of Gothenburg
Expreses in a tweet on 6 January 2023! Doubts on the spread of Covid through air...
See tweet and translation of the same 👇🏽

Sweden - Pupils were rewarded with chocolate cake if they had been at school during the whole semester The other's got to applaud them

This happening during the worst pandemic in hundred years, where one should not be present if feeling the slightest sick

Swedish CDC @Folkhalsomynd is hiding tweet in their thread informing about masks Instead lets vaccin critical tweet ("stop mRNA injections") remain in their thread...

Sweden - A record number of hospitals in emergency staff mode

The healthcare association's chairman, Sineva Ribeiro, warns of serious consequences

Large spread of covid-19 in Sweden

The spread of covid-19 is increasing throughout the country
This is what the University of Agriculture (SLU) revealed, which analyzed the wastewater in 13 municipalities from Umeå in the north to Helsingborg in the south

I keep seeing that “first they came for the journalists” sign, and it pisses me off so much, because when they came for muslims, immigrants, and trans people, mainstream journalists normalized it and reported it as “both sides”. Somehow it didn’t count for them until it was happening to them personally, which is *exactly* what the fucking poem was warning against in the first place.

In Swedish state media, under the segment "true or false" they convey the misinformation that covid spreads through respiratory drops from coughing or sneezing, and that handwashing is efficient against it.

You cannot make this shit up. Three years into an airborne pandemic, this is *still* the narrative here.

#misinformation #AAIDS #covid #SARS2

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